Untouchable Love Story-Vishkanya FF Episode 5

Apu thinks

Apu:Malay is innocent.I will protect him.

Kalpana says to Malay

Kalpana:Malay why are you standing outside please come in.

He comes inside.Kalpana gives water to Malay.

Kalpana:Malay I and Apu will come few minutes.

Malay:Yeah sure

Kalpana takes Apu to her room.

Kalpana:Apu I mixed poison in Malay’s sweet yesterday and he is alive.

Apu:Because I kept other sweet instead of that.

Kalpana:What!Why are you not killing Malay?If you will not kill him then I will kill him

Apu:No Malay is innocent.

Kalpana:But he is son of Mr Mittal.

Apu:Then it’s not his mistake.

Kalpana:Just shut up Apu.

Kalpana goes out of room and Apu also comes out of room.

Apu:Malay let’s have lunch today at restaurant.

Malay:Yeah of course.

Apu:Then meet me 12 of afternoon.

Malay:Yeah sure now it is 10 so I will come after 2 hours.Bye


He goes from there.Apu turns to Kalpana and says

Apu:I will always protect Malay and you can’t harm him.

Kalpana:You have just lost your mind.

Kalpana goes from there and Apu thinks

Apu:Ma is getting dangerous for Malay day by day.I have to protect him.

At afternoon Malay comes to pick Apu.Apu and Malay goes to restaurant.They reach restaurant.

Malay:Apu please tell me what happen yesterday why you got unconscious?

Apu:Actually…………………………………I din’t eat
food properly that’s why.

Malay:Oh why don’t you eat food properly.See yourself you look like a ball pen’s refill eat food properly.

Apu:Yeah I will eat properly.

Malay:See our order came.

They have lunch together.Malay drops Apu and goes from there.Apu goes to her room and thinks

Apu:I have to hide my secret from Malay or ma will kill him.

Precap:Kalpana to target Malay with her gun.

Credit to: Siddhi


  1. Rufina

    Oh apu is trying to protect Malay. ..It was awesome to read ur ff….keep writing siddhi….

  2. Kathy

    Ball pens refil…?? laughed a lot thinking Apu in that …?? good going keep on writing… Good luck …

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.