Untouchable Love Story-Vishkanya FF Episode 5

Apu thinks

Apu:Malay is innocent.I will protect him.

Kalpana says to Malay

Kalpana:Malay why are you standing outside please come in.

He comes inside.Kalpana gives water to Malay.

Kalpana:Malay I and Apu will come few minutes.

Malay:Yeah sure

Kalpana takes Apu to her room.

Kalpana:Apu I mixed poison in Malay’s sweet yesterday and he is alive.

Apu:Because I kept other sweet instead of that.

Kalpana:What!Why are you not killing Malay?If you will not kill him then I will kill him

Apu:No Malay is innocent.

Kalpana:But he is son of Mr Mittal.

Apu:Then it’s not his mistake.

Kalpana:Just shut up Apu.

Kalpana goes out of room and Apu also comes out of room.

Apu:Malay let’s have lunch today at restaurant.

Malay:Yeah of course.

Apu:Then meet me 12 of afternoon.

Malay:Yeah sure now it is 10 so I will come after 2 hours.Bye


He goes from there.Apu turns to Kalpana and says

Apu:I will always protect Malay and you can’t harm him.

Kalpana:You have just lost your mind.

Kalpana goes from there and Apu thinks

Apu:Ma is getting dangerous for Malay day by day.I have to protect him.

At afternoon Malay comes to pick Apu.Apu and Malay goes to restaurant.They reach restaurant.

Malay:Apu please tell me what happen yesterday why you got unconscious?

Apu:Actually…………………………………I din’t eat
food properly that’s why.

Malay:Oh why don’t you eat food properly.See yourself you look like a ball pen’s refill eat food properly.

Apu:Yeah I will eat properly.

Malay:See our order came.

They have lunch together.Malay drops Apu and goes from there.Apu goes to her room and thinks

Apu:I have to hide my secret from Malay or ma will kill him.

Precap:Kalpana to target Malay with her gun.

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  1. Oh apu is trying to protect Malay. ..It was awesome to read ur ff….keep writing siddhi….

  2. Wonderful episode siddhi… Uff kalpana… Hate her… Luv the way Apu protect Malay…

  3. Ball pens refil…?? laughed a lot thinking Apu in that …?? good going keep on writing… Good luck …

  4. nice episode siddhi…waiting for what apu will do next

  5. As like as Kathy said,Ball-pen refill..Nyc thinking..keep rocking..

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