Untouchable Love Story-Vishkanya FF Episode 4

Kalpana:By eating this sweet he will die as I have mixed poison in this sweet.

After sometimes Kalpana comes to Malay and says

Kalpana:Malay eat this sweet as it’s very shubh.

Malay takes the sweet and eats it.Kalpana thinks

Kalpana:Today is your last night.Bye Malay.

Malay sees Apu missing then he says

Malay:Aunty where is Apu?

Kalpana:See she will be talking with someone here.

Malay:Okay aunty

Malay starts finding her and doesn’t sees her and he gets tensed.Malay thinks

Malay:Where is Apu?

He gets worried.He goes to storeroom.

Malay:Apu,Apu where are you Ap…………………

He sees Apu unconscious


He runs towards her and tries to wake her up.She wakes up.

Malay:Apu are you okay? (Worriedly)

Apu:Yeah I am okay.

Malay:Come let’s go you take rest.

Apu:No Malay I am fine nothing happened to me.

Malay:But Apu……….

Apu:I am fine Malay don’t be worried for me.No don’t tell this to anyone as everyone will get worried.

Malay:Okay Apu but promise me that you will take care of your self.

Apu:I promise you.

Malay:Okay then let’s go or everyone will have dought on us.

Malay and Apu go out and after some hours sangeet ends.

At morning Malay comes to Apu’s house.He knocks the door and Kalpana opens it and is shocked that he is alive.Apu sees Kalpana on shock.


Kalpana mixes poison in sweet and leaves the sweet and goes from there for sometime.Apu comes and thinks

Apu:I have to eat this sweet to save Malay and it will be not dangerous for me because I also I have poison.

She eats the sweet and keeps another sweet and goes from there.Kalpana comes and takes the sweet and goes from there.Apu gets relief but she feels dizzy and gets unconscious.

Flashback ends

Apu thinks

Apu:I will always protect Malay.He is innocent and I give my life to save him.

Precap:Kalpana:I told you he is enemy’s son then why are you not killing him.If you will not kill him then I will kill him.

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  1. Good episode siddhi…

  2. Wow luv the way Apu saves Malay from poison… Uff this kalpana… U she is after Malay… Yaar.. First she should kill her enemy nanditha na …

    1. *oppss it should … Y she is….?
      Excited for the next episode …

  3. nice episode and continue it apu saves him it shows her love and care which is unmeasurable and this thing touch my heart

  4. great episode siddhi….just the thing i wanted…apu saving malay!!!!

  5. Apu saves Malay..gud epi..Thinking strikers r NYC..keep continue siddhi

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