Untouchable Love Story-Vishkanya FF Episode 3

Apu:I promise you that I will always be happy.


Apu:Yeah sure.

Kalpana sees them talking and laughing and thinks

Kalpana:At any cost I have to poison Apu’s mind against Malay.

Kalpana comes to Malay and says

Kalpana:So what my daughter and my son in law is talking?


Kalapna:Okay but today you have dance Malay.

Malay:Yeah of course it’s my sangeet and if I will only not dance then sangeet will be boring.

Mrs Mittal comes and says

Mrs Mittal:Apu and Malay sangeet is started and all guest has came now Everyone want that you both dance together.

Malay:Of course maa.We can’t say no to guests wish as guests are God.Let’s dance Apu.

Apu and Malay come in centre and dance romantically on sason Ko of film zid.While dancing both have an eyelock.After the song ends then also they have eyelock and when everyone claps they come in sense.

Malay:Thank you everyone for coming in our Sangeet.

Malay takes her hand and sits with her on bride and grooms chair.

Everyone dance.While the function Malay catches Apu’s hand.She tries to take her hand out and she success.Malay smiles.Kalpana at other sidetails thinks

Kalpana:No I will give this sweet to Malay and he will die as I have mixed poison in this sweet.

Precap:Kalpana says

Kalpana:Malay eat this sweet as it’s very shubh.

Malay is going to eat sweet.

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  1. Good episode siddhi… Oh no this kalapana gonna kill our Malay… Apu pls save our Malay…

  2. Enjoy the apulay dance… Waiitng for the next episode .. Keep on writing dear…

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