Untouchable Love Story-Vishkanya FF Episode 2

Kalpana:Tomorrow is your Sangeet and we have got one more opportunity to kill Malay and this time you will kill him.


At morning everyone are working for Malay’s sangeet ceremony.Malay comes down and is very surprised.

Malay:Wow it’s very beautiful.

Malay sees Mrs Mittal and hugs her

Malay:Mom I love you very much.You did very much for me.

Mrs Mittal:Malay I can do anything for your happiness.

She kisses his forehead

Malay:Maa I really love Apu and by doing this all for me i am very happy.

Mrs Mittal:Now you go and take rest today is your Sangeet na.

Malay:Okay maa.

He goes to his bedroom and thinks

Malay:Finally I am getting married to Apu. I love you Apu.

At evening sangeet ceremony is going to start.

Malay in his room thinks

Malay:Apu I don’t know whether you love me or not but I am sure soon you will love me.

At Apu’s house

Kalpana:Apu get ready as sangeet is going to start and the time of Malay’s death is also going to start.

Apu thinks

Apu:How can I kill him?I am not able to kill him.

Apu:Maa let’s go.

Both leave for Malay’s house.

At Malay’s house

Mrs Mittal brings a thali full of sweets.And thinks

Mrs mittal:Today is my sons marriage and it’s a very big day.

Apu and Kalpana comes and Mrs Mittal sees it and goes to them

Mrs Mittal:Welcome Kalpana so are you excited for your daughter’s sangeet?

Kalpana:Of course I am excited as my incomplete wish will become complete.

Mrs Mittal:What?

Kalpana:I mean my wish was that my daughters gets married to a good family.

Mrs Mittal:Oh.Come inside and Apu beta Malay is going to come down.

Apu blushes and Kalpana sees her with anger she stops blushing.

Mrs mittal:Come inside.

Both come inside.Malay comes down and sees Apu and is lost as she is looking very beautiful.He comes towards her and says

Malay:Apu today you are looking very beautiful.

Apu:Thanks Malay.

Malay:By the way I want to tell you that if you think I am looking handsome the you are right as I am handsome.

Apu laughs and seeing her laughing he smiles and says

Malay:Apu always laugh like this as you look very beautiful while laughing.

Precap:Malay and Apu’s romantic dance.

Credit to: Siddhi


  1. Kathy

    Good episode siddhi…. Malay loves Apu a lot… Hope Apu won’t kill Malay… Love apulay conversation … Uff kalapana why u always after Apu yaar… Just leave her sometimes… With our Malay…

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