Untouchable Love Story-Vishkanya FF Episode 1


Malay:Ma where are you?

Mrs Mittal:I am here beta what happen?

Malay:Maa I am not getting my watch.

Mrs Mittal:It will be somewhere here only.

She is finding and gets and says

Mrs Mittal:See it was here only.

Malay:Oh yeah maa.I am going to Vardhaan’s house as her bracelet was fallen down here so I will return it to her.

Mrs Mittal:Okay and be careful.

Malay:Okay maa.

He is going when he sees Mr Mittal on chair and says

Malay:Papa I promise you that whoever did your condition like this I will not leave them.

He touches Mr Mittal’s foot and goes from there.He goes to Vardhaan’s house by car and knocks the door.Vardhaan open the door

Vardhaan:Oh Malay you and here?

Malay:Yeah actually yesterday in my engagement party your bracelet fell down so I came to written this to you.

Vardhaan:Thank you Malay.You know this is very important to me as my father gave this.

Malay:I can understand your pain Vardhaan.

Vardhaan:Are you going somewhere?

Malay:Yeah actually I have planned to go for lunch with Apu.

Vardhaan thinks

Vardhaan:Oh no if Malay will go with Apu then she will kill him.I have to do something.

Vardhaan:Malay I want to apply teenage on your forehead as just some minutes ago I was doing aarti.

Malay:Yeah sure.

Vardhaan brings thali and applies Tina on Malay’s forehead.

Malay:Okay then bye Vardhaan.


Malay goes to Apu’s house and calls Apu

Apu picks the call and says

Apu:Hello Malay is there any matter because of that you called me?

Malay:Open the door of your house.

Apu:But why?

Malay:Open know.


Se opens the door and sees Malay.


Apu:Malay you came here.

Malay:Yeah.Did you forgot that we are going to have lunch together.

Apu:Oh yeah.

Malay:So let’s go.

Malay catches her hand and opens the door gently and makes her sit.

Malay:Apu what happen?


Apu remembers Kalpana’s words


Kalpana:Mittal’s are our enemy and to destroy Mittal’s then we have to kill Mittal’s most important member Malay.You have to kill him Apu.

Flashback finished

Apu thinks

Apu:How can I kill Malay I am not able to kill Malay and whatever his family did in that Malay is not involved so how can I kill a innocent.

Malay:Apu again you are lost.Actually tell me where you get lost then I will also come with you.

Apu:I was just looking out of window.

Malay:Okay but if you want to get lost then tell I will also come with you to get lost.

Malay laughs and Apu smiles.Malay stops the car and says

Malay:Apu come let’s have lunch.

Both go inside the restaurant and have lunch.After the lunch Malay drops Apu to her home.Apu knocks on door.The and kalpana opens the door and asks

Kalpana:So did you killed Malay?


Kalpana:What are you mad this was the great opportunity to kill Malay but you…..

Apu:Ma Malay is innocent as he din’t harm anyone

Kalpana:You will teach me what is correct and what is wrong.

Apu:No maa it’s not like that.

Kalpana:Shut up and follow that only what I tell you,don’t use your brain.

Precap:Malay and Apu’s sangeet ceremony.

Friends this is my 10th ff please comment as I get disappointed when I see less comments.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Good episode siddhi… Poor Apu… Between her love n revenge… Hope she won’t kill Malay… Waiitng for the sangeeth…

    1. I will try to update next episode.And thank you Kathy you always give confidence to me,Ranaji and everyone.

      1. My pleasure dear… Always…?? keep writing….

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Nice yaar.. Why 10?? Make it as 25!! Pls?

    1. Thanks and I will try.

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