the untold story…udaan and swabhimaan…(part 5)

So I m back guys……hope ul enjoy it…

Next morning naina gets up and looks at karan…
Naian: I wish I had water to pour it on ur face..
And she remembers all that water scene that she did…suddenly she sses that karan is getting disturbed by sunlight….
She tries to stop that light from coming on karan’s face..
But after few minutes karan gets up.
He sees nainas hand..
Karan: thanks..

Naina: its ok…
Karan: btw when did u slept??
Naina: even I don’t know…
Karan: u heard the story..
Naina: yup but as it is u have to repeat it as kunal bhaiya and meghna will also hear..
Karan: yup true..
Naina: so shall we??
Karan: shall we what??

Naina: karan…I know this place is interesting but we have to go back..
Karan laughs..
Karan: yup as it is I cannot bear u anymore..
Naina: oh plz…it can be clearly seen who cannot bear..
Karan: acha now plz can we stop fighting..i m hungry
Naina: me too…didn’t ate anything from night..
Karan: as if I ate a lot of things..

Naina: very funny..
Karan: now chal..
They leave…and finally reach the camp..where kunal and meghna were already waiting for them..karan and naina first had their food and then karan continued his story…first he said the story which he told to naina and then further continued…

Chakor hugged suraj and started crying..
Suraj: what happened chakor?
Chakor: suraj…there…there..
Vivan comes..
Chakor: there in the kitchen..
Vivan runs to the kitchen..there was no one..
He comes back..
Vivan: chakor there is no one in the kitchen..
Chakor: no he was there…
Suraj: ok u come and sleep now..
Suraj makes chakor sleep..
When he realizes that chakor slept he comes out with Vivan..
Vivan:p suraj whats all this..
Suraj: yaar …
And he tells everything to Vivan..
Vivan: what chakor is getting nightmares..
Suraj: yup…and I cant see her like this..
Vivan: I know how it feels…after all u love her rtight??
Suraj: yup I love her…and that also a lot..
Vivan: suraj lets do a work…we shall leave from here…
Suraj: yup u r right..
Vivan: cool u sleep…we will go next morning..
Suraj: yup goodnight..
Suraj opens chakors door just to see that is she sleeping or not… he sees chakor and says..
Suraj: don’t worry princess we will leave tomorrow morning..
And he goes..
They all were having breakfast .. chakor was not there..
Suraj: guys we r leaving this palace and this place right now….
Ragini: why??
Vivan: ragini…no questions we r ju8st leaving right now..
Adi: guys stop…I know why r ul telling this..just because of what all happened last night right??
Vivan and suraj were shocked…cause this was known only to them..
Suraj: how do u know what happened last night..
Adi thinks what to answer and then..
Adi: chakor told me this….anyways guys we have to make her strong not weak..and by leaving from here we r making her coward..
Vivan: yup u r right

Suraj: fine then we wont..
Just then chakor comes down..
Suraj: how r u??
Chakor: better than before..
Suraj: so have ur breakfast and then we r leaving to see this village..
Chakor: nope I wont come..
Vivan: why??
Chakor: cause I need little rest..

Suraj: fine I will stay with u..
Imli: then who will drive the car??
Adi: guys its ok..ul go even I wanted to stay at I will stay with chakor
Suraj: r u sure??
Adi: yup..

Suraj: ok then bye..chakor anything just call me..
Chakor: yup..
And they all leave..
Adi: chakor u go and rest
Chakor: yup
And she leaves…she was just standing near the window when she realizes someone is there behind her
She turns and gets shocked..

Meghna: was it adi??
Kunal: no it might the same person
Naina: yup I think bhaiya is right…karan who it was??
Karan: I will say it later..

Precap: chakor runs in adi’s room and she feels some liquid type thing falling on her shoulder she gets was blood she looks up and shouts..

So that was it guys and yup sorry cause I wont be writing my ff for 2 days as I will be sorryyyy and yup hope ul enjoy it…please do tell me how it was and thanks for reading

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  1. Hy ff queen as usual it is full with suspence n i love suspencful suraj how can he leave her alone with adh.i feel like adi isn.t a good person in ur ff.waiting for next.

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks alot aanya..

  2. It was fantastic . suraj is so caring towards chakor . now I’m very eager to noe who it was . waiting 4 day after tomorrow

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks alot

  3. So much suspense its awesome if its possible pls write daily love ur ff amazing work

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks ammu glad u liked it

  4. Hi….. nice as usual I love it and it’s really sooooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo interesting and lots of suspense I love it yaar post next chapter as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer and as storyline is really so interesting can’t wait yaar

  5. Divyashankar

    Excellent dr

  6. nirdesica rae

    as usual nyc nd suspense wala epi

  7. Sukorlover

    Amazing update, I am loving this suspense. Loved suraj’s care for chakor

  8. Your story is really wonderful… And with lots of suspence..
    I’m a bigfan of your story I will always love you… And this also
    Please try to update daily dear

  9. Awesome update. It’s full of suspense and love the way u portray their characters . Who was it? I m getting suspicious abt adi.

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