the untold story…udaan and swabhimaan…(part 4)

Hey guys sorry for not writing a regular ff…….hope ul enjoy todays part too
Enjoy reading

They go on a jungle treck….
Karan purposely pushed naina..
Naina: karan..
Karan: what???
Naina: don’t do it purposely..
Karan: why?? I will do it..

And he again pushes her..
This time naina felled..and karan started laughing at her..
Naina: u dumbo…I wont leave u..
And she starts running behind karan…they didn’t realized that they got separated from the group..
Naina suddenly stops..
Naina” oh no
Karan: what??
Naina: karan where r we..

Karan: oh no..
Naina: now
Karan: lets try to find them..
They started searching them…but soon it was dark..
Naina: karan do u hear that noise..

Karan: yup I think it’s a lion..
Naina gets afraid and hugs him..karan does not realize it but hugs her back…
Soon naina realize her hug and she breaks it..
Naina: I m sorry..
Karan: u should be…just because of u we got separated and now see we r here all alone..
Naina: oh excuse me…this isn’t my fault…its cause of u..if u wouldn’t have pushed me nothing would have happened…
Karan: just shut up yaar..
Naina sees a hut..

Naina: karan see there lets go..
Karan: thank god atleast u used ur brain once..
They go and sit there..
Naina was feeling very cold…karan saw this and gave her his jacket..
Naina: thanks..
Karan: its ok..
Naina: karan what happened next..
Karan: looks like u cant wait to know the rest..
Naina: nope I cant..
Karan: ok fine..

Naina: wait..
Karan: now what??
Naina: lets lit a bornfire first..
They lit the bornfire..
Karan: now can I start..
Naina: yup sure u may
Karan: thanks..
And he starts

Chakor saw that girl crying and stepping out of the house..she goes in..
Vivan: wooh…its so amazing..
Ragini: true..lets see the palace..
Adi: yup let us..
They starts roaming the palace and looking each and everything..
Chakor on the other hand starts going somewhere….but where she wasn’t knowing this…finally she came in front of a locked door..
She again sees the small girl who tries to unlock the room but the lady comes and tells her not to open this room..
Just then suraj comes…
Suraj: what r u doing here..
Chakor: suraj look at this room na it looks as if it has a lot of secrets stored inside it..
Suraj: what do u mean??

Chakor tells him everything…that girl and all..
Suraj: nice story but I wont get afraid so soon..
Chakor: suraj..
Suraj: that’s it..time for food..
Suraj takes chakor to dining table..
Its night and chakor sees a dream..
Someone has killed the woman and her husband and the woman shouts..
Ananya go from here and never return back..

The woman is lying in blood the small girl starts crying and step outside the house..
Just than chakor gets up and goes to the kitchen and see the same person that she used to see in her dreams..
Chakor: who r u??
That man: I knew u will come to me and u came..u know I really waited for u..
Chakor runs and hugs a person…

Karan was saying this when he saw naina already slept…karan looks and smiles at her..
Karan: u look dam cute when u sleep..
And even he sleeps..

Precap: suraj tells Vivan that he loves chakor…chakor was standing near window and feels as if someone is there behind her she turns and gets shocked..

So that was it..hope ul like tell me how it was…

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  1. Too much suspense , waiting to unfold this mystery n about epi just two words simply superb . OK, what happened to u r u fine ? u didn’t posted ur ff ?

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      thanks and yup i m fine now…

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    Amazing update. Loving the suspense

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    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks alot dear and yup I understand hindi

  4. Amazing update. Love it. The way u keep suspense mks u attract n stick to the story. Waiting fr nxt

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  5. Wonderful update I love can’t wait to read next chapter, post soon as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter and chapter was just awesome when are you posting next chapter

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