the untold story…udaan and swabhimaan…(part 3)

hey guys i m really sorry for not writing my ff for 2 days but i guess it wont be possible for me to write my ff on sat and sun… sorry for that…..hope ul like my todays ff too…..

just an recap……
chakor enters a temple when baba comes and tells her unbelievable…..karan naina have their food…

enjoy reading guys……
naina and karan were just eating when naina saw karans hand…it was bleeding…do ul guys remember karan had felled…
naina:karan ur hand…
and she leaves her food and brings first aid box…
she bandages his hand…..and karan sees her…
karan: u care for me so much…
naina: yup i do..
meghna and kunal comes there..
meghna: karan wht happened to ur hand..
karan:arey its nothing di…just like that dont u worry…
meghna: r u sure..
they eat food and finally karan starts his story again

baba comes and bows before chakor..
baba: welcome ur highness…welcome to ur village..
all were shocked to hear that…
chakor: my village??
vivan: forget it he is an old man and has gone mad..
baba: no i m not mad…princess u should not have come here…he iswiting for u..
chakor remembers her dream…suraj looks at her..
suraj: guys lets just leave…
adi: yup chal
they leave and baba follows them….for a distance he was running behind the car and was just shouting something…
but no one hears them they already left…

when they reach palace chakor feels as if she knows the full map of the palace..
a group of people who came for the arrangements come out..
adi: thanks guys…its very great of ul..
leader: sir can i say u something
adi: yup sure u may
leader: sir this place is not good for ul..
adi: actually its best for us..
leader: sir..
adi: listen thanks alot for arranging this but now we will handle the next..
they all leave…
chakor and all were roaming..
imli: OMG..
ragini: its such an awesome place..
vivan: yup true but i wish there could be a pond here where we could relax..chakor: the pond is right behind this palace..
adi: very funny

chakor realizes what she just said and she runs behind the palace and all follows her..
the moment they come behind they all r shocked..
ther actually was a….POND..
vivan: what the hell…chakor how u know that there was a pond behind the palace..
ragini: maybe she read it..
adi: no guys its impossible….i read the whole history of this and it was not mention anywhere about this pond..
chakor: i really dont know how come i know about this pond…but the moment i enter this village something very strange is happening with me…
chakor starts crying…
suraj hugs her..
suraj: its ok yaar…how come my babu can cry…..
ragini: true…lets take ur babu inside..
chakor smiles a little…they all go in and chakor sees the same small girl coming out but this time that old lady was not there…the girl was crying alot and she stepped outside the palace…

naina: wait a sec…why was she crying..
karan: naina dont break the link yaar..
naina: i m sorry…
kunal: ok guys now lets go for jungle trekking and then continue..
karan: yup but next time na u dont break the link naina..
naian: i understood it at once…

precap: chakor sees the woman and her husband lying in blood and telling the small girl to never come here…chakor goes to kitchen and sees the same person she used to see in her dreams..

thanks alot guys….hope ul like it….sorry if it bored ul….do tell me how it was..

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  1. OMG that was really awesome I loved the chapter keep updating the chapters love it please post next chapter as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter

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