The Untold Story (Teaser)


Hello guys. I’m giving u a teaser of my new ff, that I suppose to post on 13th May. Have a look…

Its the story that remained untold for a long but which was bound to be unfold by it’s characters, one day. Its the story of,

*The bond of blood, love n trust.

*Two soul sisters, departing because of an Undercover story.

*A sister to bring other back again in the family, who disowned the latter one, n to know the Reason behind her step.

*Other sister to get ready to begin a new story of her life, by her own, with a Motive.

*Two half-blood brothers, to create some “Illusions” to get a hold on the huge sum of ancestral property.

*The fate to bring them all together in a hearty bond n their path to uncover the Real Story.

*Some destruction, Some intensity, Some emotions, Some dreams, Some harsh reality.

Its the story about an undercover story, motives, illusions n the destiny, which meant to be get them together.

always creates the story,
Past is a history,
Future is the mystery,
n Present…
can be urs, just face it with a smile
u’ll be a puppet of it, if u run behind.
Every phase,
creating a different story,
Of LIFE, as a blank page
TIME as a limit,
SITUATIONS as the contents
U as the writer of ur life’s story.
The time,
always unfold some stories,
n some,
remains UNTOLD.”



Thank u so much for reading.

It’ll come up with both the girls, equally. I’ve decided the pairs already, n I’ll give both the pairs equal importance, so don’t worry guys.


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  1. Amazing..full of suspense..eagerly waiting for first prt

  2. U r back with another ff im so happy..plz update someone somewhere ff also

  3. Ohhh…cool…and happy birthday in advance….dea…

  4. Awesome…plzzzz post sooon…love you loads

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