The Untold Story (Episode 6)


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“Yeah. She is my girl.”

‘What NONSENSE???’ A scream erupt inside her but failed to come out.

Her eyes stuck onto the straight liar by her side and remained there.

“She looks like Appu. Whats your name beta?”

The old man’s shaky voice pulled her out of daze and her eyes met with a pair of misty old eyes.

“Ragini.” Unknowingly she answered.

‘Oh hell! EMOTIONS, always sucks.’

“Ragini beta, please do come with this handsome man to my place someday. I want to have a talk with you. I believe, you’ll not let down this old man, will you?” The old man, expectantly.

“No Sir. But…” She tried to clear all the misunderstanding but interrupted by its creator,

“Sir, leave this topic for now. We need to get back.”

“Alright. Well, I’m looking forward to see you soon beta. I believe you’ll consider my wish.” The old man said warmly.

“Yeah sure.” Sanskar said authoritatively slipping his hands around her waist.

‘God! is it real? This guy, about whom I don’t know anything, just made me his fiance and he is holding me into his arms as if his possession. What is exactly happening here? Who is this old man? Why is he dragging me into this mess?’

Ragini was dumbstruck in the situation with all the weird things nagging around her head. As soon as the black fog disappeared from her mind she maintained a safe distance from the man beside her.

“Look…” She try to clear.

“Its ok dear, we’ll talk about it on the way. First, let me drop you to your place. So, get inside, I’ll just come.”

Before she could say anything Sanskar pushed her inside the car and get back to the old man.

“Sir, you go home. I’ll come soon.”

“Alright Sanskar. I’m happy that you’ve choose a nice girl and it seems you are really serious about it. Hope, she must be like your mother, not only by look but soul. Take care of her.”

The old man emotionally threw a warm glance towards fiddling posture of girl inside the car and moved towards his car.

Sanskar stood still for a moment on the spot, reeling back his moments with his mother and a teary smile pierced on his dry lips.

“Mom.” He whispered.

“What was all that?”

Suddenly a sharp voice hit on his eardrums and he wiped off his tears hastily wearing his mask of arrogance, before turning around to face her. Taking her beautiful posture in his mother’s’s saree he strode forward without bothering to give reply to her furiously standing posture, towards the driving seat.

“Hello, whoever you are, you can’t escape me this easily, ok? Simply, tell me what’s just happened? Why did you lie to that old man?” She came running in front of him and asked him, demandingly.

“Was that a warning to my self-respect, like you can’t escape me? Its sounds inviting you know.” He drawl the words in mischievous ease, looking at her flushed face and mimicking her words. “Well, I don’t owe you any answers, got it. Now get off my way.” He hit the words carelessly.

“Hello, did you see ‘S’ written over my head. You used me in your sick lie game without my consent and you are talking about ethics, how amazing!” She said looking right into his eyes, sarcasm dripping down from her every words.

“‘S’, is that stands for a senseless, sappy, sucking stupid?” He, mockingly.

“More appropriately, its stand for senseless, sappy, sucking stupid Sanskar RaiSingh. It sounds great, doesn’t it?”

“Look here…” He, irritated.

“Yeah, please show me.” She stood still crossing her hands in front of her.

“Its really too late. Get inside the car if you want to reach your place safe and sound.” He said cryptically, drawling his gaze all over her posture.

Suddenly, awareness hit onto her head and her eyes roamed around the milky lights from the lamp posts. A deep chilly shiver ran down her spine, small droplets formed on her head and she froze on the surface.

“Now, care to move away from here or want me to do something to you?” He said getting near her.

“Stop.” She cried out tensed, standing still on the same place.

“What? So, you want me to help you, right?”

“Look, do…n’t act smart ok. Its just… my body… its locked. I’m unable to move.” She stutter tensed.

“What?? How silly excuse! don’t worry, I don’t mind if you really want me to help you.” He said huskily.

“Its not any excuse okay, I’m really stuck here.” She, weakly.

“So what to do now?” He, bluntly.



“I mean, you go away for sometime while I’ll get back to my self.”

Amusement crossed over his face for a moment but then his usual smirk replaced it.

“Stupid girl!”

He muttered arrogantly and pulled her away from the car. It wasn’t more than a minute, when she jumped off the surface by the sound of the ignition of the car. Her face covered with a dread expression seeing him inside the car, ready to leave the spot. A chilly shiver ran down her spine with the honk of the car.

“Can you move inside the car now, or should I leave you here?”

As soon as the words left his mouth she jumped to the passenger side and inside.

“I know, how to deal with the situations like this.” He smirked looking at her paled face.

The car ride filled with a weird silence, there was many things they wanted to talk about but kept mum. They covered halfway long like that, she, cursing her stars within her breaths and he smirking at her antics.

“Work for me.” Suddenly he broke the silence.

“Excuse me?”

“I’ll pay you a good amount that you’ll never need to go to that cheap bar ever again.” He said seriously.

She gaped at him with are-you-kidding-me look on her face.

“Seriously?” She stressed the word, “Do you really think I need your some sort of jobs like drowning inside the piles of files or managing your schedules or providing you with your needs.” She bit her tongue with the last words and caught him smiling, but soon shrug it off, “Seriously, thanks for the proposal but I don’t need your concern. I can afford a better future by my own.”

“I’ve seen a glimpse of that a little ago. Well I’m not talking about office jobs, it’s different.”

Though there wasn’t any hint of wickedness in his voice but her mind jumped to the other things and her eyes flared in shock, “What do you mean by other things?”

“Hey, stop your wild horses there girl. I’m not talking about what’s in your head.”

“Cool! so what kind of work you were talking about then?”

“You do not need to do anything, just one thing, tag along with me. I mean, pretend as my fiance.”

“Hell No!” She shrieked in horror.

“Hello!” He, dryly.

“Sorry, I’m not gonna do that job, ok.”

“Your loss.”

“I don’t care.”

“You will. Very soon.”

He stopped the car suddenly and her eyes quickly shift to his.

“So, you are going to throw me out in the middle of because I refuse you for some silly proposal, right?” She, boldly,

‘blo*dy blackmailer tricks.’

“I’ll really do that if you won’t get your s*xy ass off here and out.”


“Your place.” He said smugly.

Her eyes popped out realizing the car was in front of her apartment building gate. She slid out of the car awkwardly and stood there fidgeting with her saree end.

“Bye.” She said hastily and turned to go.

“Wait.” She heard him coming closer and stopped abruptly. “In case if you change your mind, this is my card.”

“Thanks for the ride Sanskar.” She took the card, “Goodnight.”

“See you soon.”

“Whatever.” Then suddenly something hit her mind, “Oh gosh! I left my purse at that bar. I don’t have my keys.”

“Alright, don’t panic. You can manage tonight. Talk to the security in charge, they must have master keys with them.”

“Yeah. Thank you.”

“OK bye.”

She open her eyes welcoming by the blur pictures of surrounding. Taking her time to get a clear view she blinked for a several time and finally the new settings around her dawned into her sense.

“What the hell? Where am I?” She jerked out of the bed.

“Woah! You up gorgeous.”

She faced a strangely familiar looking man walking inside with a tray in his hands. Her face burned with an awkwardness and eyes widened seeing a half naked man in front of her. She turned around closing her eyes with her hands.

“Hey! you can ogle at my hot body, I don’t mind, babe.” He, boastfully.

“No thanks. Please, wear something descent.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I never kid with strangers, ok. What is this place? Where am I?” She turn a little but then stopped, “God! please put something on.”

“You are so strange girl.”

She heard some creaking and shuffling sounds.

“Done. You can turn around now.” After a long moment she finally heard him.

As she turn around her eyebrows knit together in a tensed line seeing him in a buttonless shirt and same boxer.

“Whats this?” She, annoyed,

‘God! he took 5 minutes just only to wear that shirt?’

“What happened now?”

“Nothing. Just forget about it and tell me how did I come here?”

“Oh boy! don’t you know anything about the last night?”

“Last night, there a party and I…” Realisation struck her, “Oh yeah! I met you then, we escaped out and have some drinks, gosh! I was drunk last night.”

“Yeah. You almost dig a deep grave for me.”

“How did I?”

“You cried like hell, I mean your tears nearly drowned me. You threw up inside my car. You were just out of control. You passed out after a long crying session and one traffic police almost caught me, thank god I bribed him. I didn’t know what to do so I take you here.” He, exhausted.

“Thanks.” She said embarrassed.

“Its ok. Actually, though you troubled me a lot but something good also happened because of you.” He paused for a moment, “There is some sort of problems I’m dealing with and brand new and most nagging is marriage thing. My nanaji has fixed an alliance for me with his friend’s granddaughter before his death but I don’t want to get married to that girl. Nanu’s friend saw me last night with you and I faked him that you are my girlfriend.” He tensed.

“What?” She, panicked.

“Hey, calm down.” He taking her to the couch, “You know what, it did work. He believed me. Now, I’m sure he won’t consider me for her granddaughter but l need your help for some days.”

“But I cant.”

“Why can’t you?”

“Look, we don’t know anything about each other…”

“OK then, let me introduce you myself, I’m Lucky. And you are Swara, right?”

“How did you know my name?”

“You yourself told me all night. Look, I’ll give you that whatever you want. Please do this for me.”

“I can’t do it. I’ve my different world and I’m stuck inside it.”

“I know about your world, but trust me I’ll take you out of it, just help me out.”

“I’m so sorry. Now, please take me to my companions.”

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Sorry for the delay guys. Well missed you a lot.


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