The Untold Story (Episode 2)


‘Goa, the city of lost, according to her, my Shona, my innocent Shona.’

Ragini, slid the curtains apart n sneak out of the glass window. She was on the top floor of the 7 storey apartment building. After her continuous trials n emotional as well as logical reasoning of a month, she got a chance to go on for the mission to bring her sister back again to the home but she needed to fulfill conditions as well, 1st to get engaged with Reshav n 2nd the time limitation of a month within which she need to do all n after that come back n focus on the marriage stuffs.

Thanks to one of her school friend she got to know about Swara being here, n without wasting a minute more packed her stuffs n flied for Goa. N she got this apartment also because of him.

Its the evening time n darkness is falling around slowly, griping the beauty of the earth in its shadow. Her lazy posture straightened a little n head rolled a little to get out of the tiredness of the journey. She approached towards the washroom as she have to go to a place, where there is a possibility of getting something about her sister.

“U r ready to be welcomed in this world dea.” SK, a known face of the pleasure trading world, an escorts agent, a gay, cheerily.

She just gave him a faint smile.

“Swara baby, r u ok with it?” He, concerned.

“Yes, SK, I’m alright. Its just I’m thinking about the new journey of my life.” She, in a low tone.

“Don’t worry, everything will be alright n u r my best friend n can quit this all, now also as u r not introduced in this world till now. So, I would suggest u to think for once more.” He, calmly.

“Then what about my 1 month’s training u r giving me, still hmmm? Don’t worry, I’m ok with all this. I just need to make a contact in this world, an important move to stop some peoples in their moves n show their right Status.” She, determined.

“As ur wish.” He, let out a sigh n left the room.

“I know, I’ve gave u all a lot of pain but I had no other way. Momma-papa, please forgive me. I know Rags, u have come to know about this by now but there is a little hope inside of me that u’ll trust me n not on the one I’ve left behind.”

A tear escaped her eyes n rolled down.

Sanskar pulled the door of his car but before he could enter inside, Lucky took the seat.

“Thanks, bro. Well, we need to know each other with a new perspective, I must say, what about u?” Lucky, intently.

“I think, u very well know that this is my car n I hate when someone try to take my place, whether it’s in small matters or in a bigger, understood?” Sanskar, dangerously.

“R u talking about this driving seat? Shit man, its all urs, don’t worry, I was thinking something else…” Lucky, with a pointing on something, “Well…I think we need to focus on the millions we’ll get by a little compromise.” Lucky, dramatically.

“N the compromise is to live with a monkey under the same roof right?” Sanskar, in a mock.

“Whatever. When I can think about living with a snake then what’s wrong with this monkey stuffs…” Laksh in a sarcastic tone, while stepping out of the car, “…but if u r not ok with my offer then its ok, I’ll live alone there.” Laksh, trailing towards his car.

“When will u shift there?” Sanskar, without turning to his side.

“Tomorrow, my luggages will be there but I don’t know about myself because I’ll be busy in my friend’s bachelor party, bro. So, u can do anything.” Laksh, pulling his car door, “OK, bye, see u soon bro.” He drove off his way.

“Just go with it for a little man, sometimes u need to do that what u don’t want to do in ur life. N here, its about the millions crores n I cant let go of it. Adjust with the monkey for 6MONTHS…” His eyes rolled around n a deep sigh let out of him.

He enter inside his car n just drove away.

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Credit to: RSR

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  1. Is Swara a reporter or she is really going in that proffesion. So sanak do not have that good relation.

  2. Will Sanlak help Ragini in her mission and in that ragsan will come together? The story is very interesting and intriguing btw. What exactly is Swara doing? How will Ragini get to her and what role to Sanlak play hmmmm

  3. interesting

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