# My untold stories (teenage dreamers)


She looked at the dark sky again. ‘There’s no one for me, They are all for themselves’ She thought bitterly. She remembered all those moments when her family used to discuss about her future while dining.’we are always there with you child’ they had said. ‘Then where are you all now’ she asked herself. She could overhear her parents conversation. They were discussing that what an irresponsible and immature child she was, to not to study while having her lunch but to watch a film. ‘just for twenty minutes’ she added bitterly. She knew how tensed they were with her results. ‘but didn’t i try?’ she asked herself. ‘yes you did’ answered her conscious. She knew how much she needed someone to talk to. How much she needed someone to cry out and open her heart sharing all the problems she was facing recently because she had failed. Failed to get the marks her parents had desired or rather she had desired. ‘One failure doesn’t mean the end of someone’s life’ her best friend had said once. That best friend who ignores her even if they come face to face. She overheard her parents again. ‘she doesn’t even study, nor is she conscious about her obesity’ her father said. She saw a teardrop on her notebook which had smudged some of the words.

‘Somehow at least we could make her elder sister get good marks in 11 and 12 but what will we do with this one’ her mother added bitterly. She looked at the dark sky again. She would have screamed out her answer at the top of her voice. ‘ i don’t care, you all just get lost. If you have got a problem then donot come near me’ she would have said. But now, she no more had the energy of fighting against the world to get her place. She looked back at her notebook while some more teardrops fell on it. ‘good by, sionara’ the words echoed in her head. She took out the small paper knife from her pencil box and stared at it. ‘ You think these to be called as marks?’, ‘ what made you think that you will get science with these marks’ , ‘ you are in a lower category than average students’ , ‘she can’t even take care of her fatty figure’ , ‘This is not just the end of life’ , ‘my brainless son has got more than you’ , ‘so much of money is wasted on her and she cant score a decent marks’ , ‘if needed than stop sleeping, but you have to get into medicals’ , ‘ i wont let you get into any other line except medical’s’ , ‘you are good for nothing’……… The next day they found her lying on her bed, having a peaceful eternal sleep with a last note by her side. ‘THEY HAD SAID, MARKS DOESN’T MATTER’

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  1. Sammy

    you are mind reader girl ..you exactly right my state ..oh gosh i still can’t believe ..it’s like mirror of my life ..you are awesome and so your ff ..mindblwoing

    1. Rubaiya

      Thank you soo much Sammy but ya remember one thing…You can kill others but never kill youself

  2. Umama

    Bitter truth..u say it write..now a days this types of things & incident take place..personally one of my friends brother’s friends did this.and he is no more with us.he was very intelligent student & that result was wrong for those parents mistake we losed a good precious life..this types of things hurt me so much.
    U nailed it so fluently.keep going dear..

    1. Rubaiya

      I feel sad for your frnds brother and thank you soo much for your comment

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