# My untold stories (teenage dreamers) Part 2


“can’t you just keep quite and listen?” her sister snapped. She quietly looked outside the car window. “why do you have to answer to everything we elders say?” her sister asked her, harshly.
” fine, i wont speak anymore” Aira replied.
“see, you couldn’t stop yourself from telling dis much too, huh”

Aira didn’t reply this time. ‘Why is my sister trying to make me like her. She’s forgetting the matter that i cant be like her.’ She knew, she was different from all her family members. She didn’t know how to sugar her words just like her sister did because she was a bitter gourd. Whatever she spoke irritated her parents. Whatever she tried to do made her a failure before her parents eyes. And that’s what made her spit out such bitter answers. She knew that there was 80% probability of her behaving in a wrong manner but she was helpless. If she doesn’t shout out for her rights then her family will probably forget her. Her sister, the sweet,adorable child of the khan family is a natural charmer with her beauty and sugar coated words while aira is the total opposite of hers. Sitting Quietly in the car, she remembered all those arguments she used to have with her sister. Her sister used to curse her for getting such luxurious life with cars to take you wherever you want to go,and wasting money on costly storybooks, to live in such luxurious flat, but this never made it clear that how was aira at fault for getting all these. She smirked as she found the answer. Her fault was of taking birth in the 21st century when things had advanced a lot. ‘ wow such a noble reason for her arguments’. She stared at the pouring sky. ‘my heart is crying in the same way’. Soon they reached there house. At the dinner time,she didn’t bother herself to speak something but surprisingly she found them not even caring about her presence. She didn’t do much to get there false attention and went back to her room. This day did make her confront the truth. ‘ AIRA KHAN CAN ONLY RELY ON AIRA KHAN AS HER LIFE PARTNER ‘

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