The Untold Love Story (KD):Episode 2

Thnk u so much guys for ur support!!!i’ll try to update longer episodes!! πŸ˜€

RECAP:Kumudini sees a shadow behind her as she was drinking water…

Kumudini turns back with a little fear….and then she is relieved after seeing the pesron
Kumudini: Tulsi u scared me like hell!!
Tulsi: Aayi wat r u doing here dis late!!??
Kumudini: Just saw a bad dream and i thought of drinking some water…
Tulsi: Aayi..i want to tell u one thing…
Kumudini: mm..
Tulsi: Please don’t let aroo know dat v r going to krishnawati….i have somehow convinced her to leave for d hostel!!!
Kumudini: I know right…she is my grand daughter r8… will i even think of telling her..
Tulsi: I know..still….i don’t want her to knw dat v belong to krishnadasi family…anyway gud n8..v will have 2 wake up early tomorrow

Tulsi leaves.

Kumudini: Tulsi…u just c hw i will make aroo my weapon!!!

She also leaves.

Its mrng and a girl is seen shopping…(face not revealed)
She is called to the trial room and she goes there.
Girl in the room:This dress is really loose..
She opens the door and the girl inside is aradhya!!!
(So the girl who was shopping was shivani πŸ˜‰ )
Shivani: Yeah aru…u better take from d ones u chose b4..
Aru: Yh..okay!!!
They proceed to the billing counter…

Meanwhile by dat tym a car is being parked in the parking lounge…
And a guy is coming from the front seat..(face not revealed..)
Many girls passing on dat way stares at him…
And d guy winks at dem…he was Aryan(as u all can guess!! πŸ˜› and i’ve made him a bit of flirty type πŸ˜‰ )
He starts walking to the shopping mall…
While aradhya comes in the opposite direction…

PRECAP: Aryan and aradhya hit each other…and aryan keeps on staring at her.. ^_^


    • AAN



      thnq so much…actually i ws w8ing 4 d next part of urs and many others ff…aftr which i thought of writing one πŸ˜€

  1. Aribah

    Lovely episode AAN????❀️❀️…….please try to be regular and some more longer episode????…….fantastic going keep it up????????????

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