The Untold Love Story (KD):Episode 1

Hey guys dis is my 1st ff.Pls do comment if u lyk it or not.If u guys lyk it i will continue wid d next part…else i will stop it here.
So here we go…

The sun has set and darkness was prevailing all around.It was raining outside.Two ladies are seen sleeping in different rooms with their respective babies nearby.Another lady is seen taking one of the babies and exchanging the child with the one lying next to the other lady.Suddenly it is dark all over….
The lady exchanging the babies suddenly wakes up from her dream..she turns out to be Kumudini.
Kumudini(sitting on her bed) :Devare deva…y r u making me dream about that night!!!
She searches for the jug but finds no water in it.
She gets up and goes to the kitchen.
As she was about to drink water she sees a shadow behind her….

PRECAP: A girl is seen shopping(face not revealed)….A car is being parked in the parking area…..

if you guys liked it pls support me!! 🙂

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  1. It was good but a longer episode plzzzzz and updates the next ep asap

    1. AAN

      thnk u ayushi… 🙂

  2. Yeah please continue but it’s too short

    1. AAN

      sure manikarnika!!! 😀

  3. Lovely episode AAN????……Plzzzzzzz continue ????……but it was short one so next time plzzzzzz try to post longer episodes……waiting for the next part????

    1. AAN

      thnk u aribah!!! 😀

  4. this plot got good potential… try to write you started.. not think to make it longer if its tough .. .. concentrate on quality rather than quantity.. i really like the starting???don’t make it like some tv drama.. try to write it like good novel.. good luck.

    1. AAN

      thnx thanu!!! pls advice me like dis smetyms so that i can improve!!! 😀

  5. It’s good .. plz continue it. Even agree that it will be nice if you update long epis. All the best

    1. AAN

      thnx maleesha!!! 😀

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