The Untold Love Story (KD): Episode 3

Sry guys for d late update…i ws kinda busy wid my studies… 🙁 So here i come back wid d 3rd episode…here v go.. 🙂

RECAP:Kumudini and Tulsi decided to go to Krishnawati..Arra intro..

Aroo and Aryan are walking in the opposite direction and they hit each other by d shoulders..

Aroo: I’m sry…
And she leaves with Shivani while Aryan was standing there still mesmerized by her beauty….. 😉

Suddenly a boy comes and calls him which bring him back to his senses…
Boy: Aryan where have you been I’ve been waiting 4 u for a long time…
Aryan: Sorry Varun…just hit a girl…aah…leave it…so did u buy d gift??
Varun: Yeah i bought…..i wanna c hr reaction when she sees this present…
And he shows Aryan a watch.. lets leave…

Meanwhile in Kumudini’s house:
Kumudini and Tulsi were packing their bags and was all set to go…
The car comes and as they were about step out of the house it started raining cats and dogs..(its a metaphor!!! 😛 )
Tulsi: Aayi i think it to be a bad omen…so i think it is better not to leave today..
Kumudini: Yes tulsi…i also think the same…i think Kishanji doesn’t want us to go today…
Tulsi(to the driver): Bhayya…we are not going…

College hostel:(Night)

Aryan is in his room sitting by the window side thinking about Aroo..
Boy’s hostel and girl’s hostel r nearby and Aroo’s room was opposite to Aryan’s room..that is they could see each other through the windows..
By the time Aroo was also sitting near the window thinking about her family…
The screen freezes on their faces…

PRECAP: Aroo: How dare u call me like that..
Aryan: Why shouldn’t I..the name suits u really nice…

Hope you guys liked it.. 🙂

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