The Untold Love Story (introduction)

Hello guys I m ASH_MANISH a silent reader n a very special note that I m inspired by ur ff s very much ,I m from Fiji n I’m 15 years of age also I’m a student of 10 grade ,this is my first ff and I hope to inspire u all

So here is my ff intro☺️☺️☺️

️THAPKI ( KOYAL CHOPRA ) A girl without flaw (guys she doesn’t stammer in this ff) she has a different nature compared to others she is a NRI girl she lives in NEW YORK while her father takes care of their properties and businesses in noida he is the richest man of noida and other cities ️Thapki is also known as koyal only her father calls her thapki she loves her father ( only father is alive) she hates spoiled boys (awara ladke) she likes beauty of the nature inside world n other world facts.( Frenz u will get to know more about her in ff becozz that brings suspense and excitement )

BIHAAN PANDEY a handsome dashing good looking boy also very rich , doesn’t like to work he only hangs around with his frenz he is a awara ladka,he loves his family N The BIGGEST OF ALL HE IS A FLIRT ?(lol….guys just see wat happens with his flirting ) also he is a very good n sweet boy from inside but never lets it come out becoz he likes being a bad boy.

Wel that his intro,as I said that u will get to know more about them in the ff.

Other characters………

Prem chopra- Thapki’s father

Balwindar pandey- bihaan’s father

Vasundara pandey- bihaan’s mother (real mother n father)

Aditi chaturvedi – thapki’s best friend

Dhruv pandey- bihaan’s big brother

Other characters are as usual like bhabhi’s n cuz brothers…….

So guys this was my intro hope u guys liked it n hope u will like my ff n support me with my first ff………. I just thought of doing something new pliz pliz pliz tell me if u like do comment??????

N Special thanks to RINKA_RITZ (ri sis) I can’t write as better than u but I hope u like this muahhhhz dear??????


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  1. Hai ashi,
    how r u ?
    i love ur ff intro. So plz cnte ff .And try to post part 1 soon
    plz take care and focus in study also
    thanks 4 ff
    don’t stop writing in mid….

    so Ashi v r waiting…..

    1. Thnx Kudrat di n yes I will try my best to post my part 1
      It’s just that the IF is having problems reviewing it
      N yes u would love the other parts pliz do support me?

  2. Vinolin.d

    hai ash-manish dear…I love the introduction. its nice.please update part 1 soon.

    1. Hello n thank you dear u will surely get part 1 by tomorrow afternoon…..?

  3. Hey AM ( I hope u dont mind me calling u like that ) Very innovative idea …. Loved the intro … I think u r gonna be the next fab writer here … Plz upload Part 1 – coz the intro is so nice … #Can’tWait

    1. thanx NaiTan n no i will not mind u calling me that well i would love it n pliz do keep supporting me

  4. Aww what a pleasant surprise sweetheart… I never thought somebody will get inspiration from me….Thanks dear do write it…I am looking forward to it… I would love to read it….there are so many good writers in the forum….. all the best…..the intro itself is interesting….love you 🙂

    1. my pleasure di love the way u write n yes ur the bestest ff writer n pliz keep supporting love u

  5. Kiran..8 is a fab intro you are gonna be a amazing writer do update the part 1 soon

    1. thanx so much dear n i m very grateful that u guys love my ff keep supporting pliz muahzz……………..

  6. Shibil

    Hi ASH … ur intro was awesome ….i just loved it … Yes, i think u r gonna in a new track of thahaan …keep writing … You are gonna be a good writer…ALL THE BEST for ur future…Concentrate on ur studies also ….

    1. hello n thanx very much pliz keep reading n supporting me

  7. Nice introduction.continue writing

    1. thank u dear pliz keep supporting me

  8. hey….wam welcome to u ….i m also a big fan of thahaan and manish….so whenever i see the supporter of thahaaan i always thre to supprt them…bcoz now a days i just read ff only….u jst continue it….upload next…


      Thank u dear u will love the next part

  9. Sulbi

    Hi ash… its superb yaar… i loved it dear…


      thanx sulbi dear pliz keep supporting

  10. Aradhana

    good start … keep going


      thanx aradhana dear love u

  11. pooja prabha

    Hi Ash,its very interesting intro I hope the coming episodes will be superb.anyways I wish all the very best for your off and more thing nice caption.


      thanx pp hope u dont mind me calling u that

  12. Manish ki deewani

    Hello ash dear nice intro I’m also a big fan of Manish and thahaan as u and I’m so happy that u start a ff on thahaan
    Best of luck dear


      THANX dear keep reading

  13. Interesting introduction keep writing


      thanx anchal dear keep enjoying

  14. DivyasriSivaKumar

    Really a good start ..I have the feeling your story is gonna be so interesting..thumbs up to u..waiting for part 1


      thank u so much for liking it

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