Sacred Love (Intro)

Hii frnds
I would like to thank Sindhu KSV for clearing my doubt.
I hope u ppl like it. This is a real story ( someone’s )
They like each other very much but never told each other.Their love will turned to hatred. (Reason will be revealed slowly )
Let me start by introducing the characters
Pranav -a handsome, intelligentboy.Tall, fair. A good singer.secret admirer of Pranathi
Pranathi – a shy, intelligentgirl.tall, fair and sensible person not so beautiful.secret admirer of Pranav.

Harini-best frnd of pranathi
Vinay-best frnd of pranathi
They both show the world that they hate each other. No one knows that they like each other including their bst frnds.
They communicate by singing songs.but no one knows that they sing for each other.
That’s it for the intro
Plzz comment abt how my story is.


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  1. Wowww what a unfold love story dr

    1. Thank you

  2. Good intro Aditi

    1. Thank you

  3. Interesting

    1. Thank u

  4. Interesting….totally different plot ,,,,i. Waiting to read..the next chapter….. 😉

  5. Nice yaar continue

  6. Sindhu K S V

    Hi aditi…Nice plot dear… I am excited to read ur story..All the best sis..

    1. Thank you

  7. Wowwww very interesting story. ..plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the first episode. ..all the best

    1. Thank u.already posted it.hope I reach ur expectations.

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