The Untold love story (episode 4) (The Final Episode)


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Here is the episode

Next day morning the both went to classes and after the classes they four went to an amusement park. In the park they went to ride different and scary rides> the funny thing was Pranav was scared of Rollercoasters. Seeing his cute face everyone was laughing.
That day they Pranav and Pranathi were angry on eachother.(it is a part of their nok-jhok)
Next day Harini and Pranathi were talking to eachother.
H; I love u Pranu

P;I love u too Hari!!!! This is what Pranu calls Harini)
Pranav only heard the last line and mistook it.He thought it was their classmate Hari. He was very angry on her.
After their class, they went to their canteen where they meet. But Pranav didn’t come there. Pranu asked Vinay abt him. He said that he didn’t know. Pranu called him but he didn’t lift the call. After calling him ten times he lift the ph and Just told these words
“Chi Ms Pranathi!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!! GOOD BYE FOREVER” She had tears in her eyes and she was blank.She could feel his anger and hatred towards her in his voice.
Then she got a call from an unknown number they said that her family was found dead in the house because of a bomblast.
She completely broke down.She didn’t know where to go or what to do.She told everything to Harini she consoled Pranu took her to her room. She was crying like a mad girl in the room. Seeing her Harini called Pranav and he lift the ph.
Pranav: HELLO(in an angry tone)
Harini:Hello Pranav voo Pranu……(he cut her in between)
Harini couldn’t bear his words

H: (in an angry tone) ENOUGH PRANAV!!!
Saying this she cut the ph.
Next day asusual Harini went to the class.Vinay came to her and told her that Pranav left this place and went to some other place for higher studies. Harini told him Pranu’s condition.
On the other hand Pranathi was walking on the road. A truck came and hit her. Harini was in the class so she was not able to lift the calls. After the classes Harini called the number and came to know about it. Harini and Vinay went to hospital. Vinay consoled her. After sometime Doctor came to her and told them that she wont be able to speak as her vocal cords are spoilt.And she will be having a memory loss. Harini was not able to control herself. After few weeks Pranathi Got consciousness. Harini and Vinay went to meet her. Pranathi was notable to recognise herself and also Vinay and Harini.

Harini told her that her name was “SRIYA” and she was her younger sibling. And Vinay was her frnd. She accepted this fiction . Now whatever she wanted she would write in a paper and show it orelse just show the actions which only Harini could understand. In this time everyone forgot abt Pranav.
On the other hand Pranav was always thinking abt Pranathi.
Now their ages were Pranav 27 Vinay 27
Pranathi\ Sriya- 26 : Harini- 26

Their were many differences in eachothers face and they were unrecognizable if they didn’t see eachother for many years.
Pranathi|sriya got her voice back and is very happy.
Harini and Pranathi\ Sriya were still living together. Vinay and Harini got married. Even though Sriya was living with them. Vinay became a famous business tycoon in India.
One day Vinay got a call from an unknown number.
V: hello. May I knw who I am speaking to??
P : Hi I am Pranav. I am your business client. I have a deal for u. I want to talk to u abt it. Where shall I meet u??
V: U can come to my house. I will msg u my Address.
He msgd him and thought for a while.
“I hope he is not the one whom I am thinking.Anyways leave it. He informed Harini abt his arrival.
After sometime he came and saw Harini and Vinay together but didn’t recognise eachother. After sometime Sriya came and Vinay introduced him to her.Sriya smiled at him. Vinay and Pranav spoke abt business and he left after sometime.

After few weeks a middle-aged couple came to their house and asked for Sriya’s hand for marriage. As they saw her profile in some online site of marriage. They showed them the pic of their son, and it was none other than Pranav. They accepted. And they asked them abt him they also told yes. Pranav was unknown abt it
The couple were none other than Pranavs mom and dad. (u may think who is this Pranav,He is same Pranav who was Vinay and Harinis frnd only thing is they couldn’t recognize eachother)
After some days they were married. On their first night
Sriya came into his room. He shouted at her saying that he loved only Pranathi and no one else and said I HATE YOU. Sriya was shocked listening to this and fainted.
Pranav called doctor and doctor told him that it was dangerous to make a person recall the past . Pranav was shocked listening this.

Nxt day he went to Vinays house and threatened Harini to tell her past. Harini told him everything even how Pranav mistook Pranathi(Sriya). Pranav brokedown. He told Harini that He is only that Pranav. Harini was shocked and gave him a tight slap.
Pranav said “I deserve this. I love Pranathi plzz don’t tell her past to her. I promise to keep her happy” Saying that he left.

He went to his house and rushed to his room. He saw Sriya (pranathi) crying. He had tears in his eyes. He went to her and apologised. She smiled. He thought “I was waiting for this smile from 8 years” Seeing her he also smiled and hugged her. The story ends with their happy hug.

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