The Untold Love Story Episode 3 Mega Episode

The Untold Love Story Episode 3
Mega Episode…

Hey guys I’m so so so sorry for updating late?hope u all will forgive ur small ashi my mum got sick that’s why I was with her but now she’s ok so I’m updating I once more a million apologies……

The episode starts with Bihaan lying down on his bed thinking about Koyal how her beauty made him go craze about her……

Bihaan-“wats happening to me what kind of feeling is this …..i should not think about her but I should think about the bet n how to impress that girl after all she is just a normal girl like other girls she’s nothing special….”

N he gets busy in his thoughts again……

The scene shifts to CHOPRA MANSION

PC-“Maria I’m going to the office for an urgent meeting it will take me late to finish work and come home so tell the girls to carry on with their planning n I come late ok n tell the driver to give the car keys to the girls for choosing their ride if they want ok…”

Maria-“ok sir I will do as u said..”
PC goes n aditi comes to Maria n asks about PC n Maria tells her the whole situation n aditi goes upstairs to koyals room…

Koyal is lying on her bed n is in thoughts just than aditi enters n calls out her name n tells her about PC…”

Koyal-“oh so dad is not at home n he will be late tonight so that means my plan is cancelled bad luck for us…”

Aditi-“arre no baba uncle has given us the car keys n told us to enjoy so don’t u want to..

Koyal-“yeah I suppose we can..”

Aditi-“what is ur plan anyways..”

Koyal-“my friend Kiran from America is here n she has called us to a royal party at the palace hotel n the theme is royal n masquerade n u know how much I love royal so I m thinking of going there so do want to come…..”

Aditi-“well yes of course I would love to n besides I to love royalty (both started giggling)..”

The scene shifts to PANDEY NIVAS

Bihaan was having tea with his parents when a boy comes in n shouts BIHAAN!!!!

Bihaan turns n finds him Arjun of course is best friend from America he turns outs to be Kirans boyfriend….

Bihaan-“arre Arjun tum yahan kaise ..”

Arjun-“kyun mai yahan nahi aa sakta hoon kya!!n he started taking balwindar n vasundara’s blessing!

Balwindar-“Arjun son may God always be with u anyways what brings u here (vasu smiles at him n gives him tea)

Arjun-“uncle I bought an invitation for Bihaan for a royal party organized by my girlfriend because her father has arranged her wedding with me that’s why (all of them congratulates him)..”

Bihaan-“oh yes I will surely come what time does it starts …..”(Arjun hands him a invitation card and tells him to read the information)

Arjun-“ok I’m leaving becoz I need to give many cards……….n he goes.

Bihaan goes to get ready while balwindar n vasu continues having tea n chatting…

The scene shifts to a boutique where Koyal n Aditi are selecting their dresses for the royal party and after few hours they finally select n heads to the mansion to get ready as the party starts at 7pm…..

Chopra Mansion
In Koyal’s room ,Aditi enters in a fine light blue gown with silver belt n a silver head band with matching high heels she steps in n calls out to Koyal….!!

Aditi-“Koyal Kahn ho tum jaldi karo Na hume derr ho jayegi!! Hurry up pliz

Koyal comes out in a gorgeous red gown backless and has silver and white diamond works on it she has put a blood red lipstick with simple face not much make up but still beautiful n a black n red matching high heels she has opened her hair straight but has rolled her fringes….(just imagine how gorgeous n dreamy she looks)…..

Koyal-“well how do I look I see u look amazing n wat about me …”

Aditi-“OMG !!!u look gorgeous beautiful wonderful I mean u r just so different I don’t know how boys will react on seeing u there …

Koyal-“no one will see me like that u fool its a masquerade ball (she laughs )..

Aditi-“oh yes I forgot well let’s go n here take this …….she gives Koyal a red with black mask n takes a blue mask for her self n both goes out to their driveway Koyal drives her red Lamborghini n heads to the hotel palace…….

The scene shifts to the hotel where Bihaan enters so dashingly inside the party area in his black tuxedo and shiny tuxedo belt n matching black lather shoes and has his silver mask on and with the mask he looks so hot…?lol

Girls at the party-“omg who is he he looks so handsome n u all see he will dance with only me n I m gonna make that hottie my new BF..(girls giggling at the back)

Arjun-“hey Bihaan u made it so wow u look amazing don’t u have a date well u can get one here …

Bihaan-“well of course who can say no to me ..he laughs just than the girl comes to bihaan n says..

girl-“hey gorgeous I’m sneha n I can be the perfect date for u over here as there is no one as beautiful than me ..(n she admires herself in her ugly light purple long sleeve gown ..

Bihaan-“well ok I can hang with u as I see everyone occupied (n he winks at Arjun while sneha drags him with her to introduce him to her Frenz )

Just than Kiran comes n hugs Bihaan n says welcome to the party bro ,Bihaan smiles

As Bihaan was about to say something a girl shouts Kiran ur best friend Koyal is here n Kiran runs to the door followed by cameraman n others shouting omg Koyal,Koyal, which makes Bihaan so furious to see her at once n he to steps to the doorstep…

Aditi steps out n Kiran hugs her …

Kiran -“arre Aditi I’m so happy to meet u pliz take off ur mask n take a entrance photo pliz ,Aditi does so

Kiran-“Aditi where is Koyal ?”

Aditi-“Koyal pliz take off ur mask n come out they want to see u ..”

Than the moment comes when everyone sees two gorgeous leg stepping out the car n Koyal comes out which makes sneha jealous to see her in that gorgeous red sleeveless gown n her styles Koyal takes of her mask n turns ..

Bihaan couldn’t believe his eyes he won’t stop staring at that beautiful face n that amazing figure she had not just Bihaan but other boys had the same feeling for her ..

Koyal -“hey Kiran so happy to see u how r u ..”

Kiran-“yeah same here let’s take some pics n go in the party will start soon..(n they take pics n start moving inside)

As Koyal was going in Bihaan was constantly staring at her but Koyal was unaware of the figure staring at her n moved in while the party starts …

Arjun-“ladies n gentlemen I’m so happy to welcome u all to this ball today we r celebrating two special events one mine n Kirans engagement n second the welcome party of Miss Koyal Chopra from New York (Koyal smiles n Bihaan puts glacé at her)
So enjoy the party till midnight…n the party starts everyone put on their masks n starts to find their partners…….”

Aditi-“Koyal come let’s dance get yourself a partner fast…”

Koyal-“no year Aditi I just want to sit n relax n see I have put on my mask as u said now u go n dance (Aditi nods n goes to dance)…”

Bihaan was dancing with sneha n sneha was holding him close but than Bihaan looks towards Koyal who was sitting n enjoying the dance…

Bihaan-“sneha I will just come u carry on ..”

Sneha-“but what happened pliz don’t leave me ..”

Bihaan-“pliz wait I’m thirsty I will just come ok u carry on..(sneha nods).”

Bihaan goes towards Koyal n sits infront of her..

Bihaan-“hey I’m Bihaan pandey will u dance with me ….”

Koyal-“(smiles)sorry but I don’t want to u can go I see that u r enjoying pliz carry on…”

Bihaan-“no no I did not mean to disturb u ok if u don’t want to dance than its ok but at least I can sit here n make frenz with u…”

Koyal-“(laughs) ok if u really want to be my friend than show me ur face..”

Bihaan takes off his mask n smiles at her..

Koyal-“ok tell me why do u want to be my friend….”

Bihaan -“ok I will tell but first u take off ur mask than I will tell u…”

Koyal takes off her mask n Bihaan looks at her beautiful eyes n lips in slow motion n he smiles at her while she looks at him confusingly…..”

Koyal-“Kya hua why are u looking at me so answer my question pliz..”

Bihaan-“so Mish Koyal Chopra I’ve heard that u r a NRI but I’ve also heard that ur heart is also NRI so will ur heart accept me as a partner or member..”

Koyal started laughing sweetly n Bihaan also started laughing with her…sneha was looking at them from far n getting jealous of Koyal being with Bihaan…

Koyal-“(while laughing)you know u r very funny ok u can be my friend I’m koyal chopra nice to meet u mr Bihaan Pandey but listen know u can go n dance ok (BIHAAN nods goes from there thinking that friendship is enough for today)

Sneha gets angry n sees a bunch of spoiled boys sitting in a corner n she gets n idea she goes to them n tells them something n gives them money ……

Bihaan goes to the bar n orders vodka meanwhile the bunch of boys head towards koyal n starts misbehaving with her…

Boy-“oh miss Koyal Chopra wat r u doing so lonely come with us we will show u heaven muahhhh….???

KOYAL-“just SHUT UP !!n get out of here u scoundrel…

Sneha was laughing by seeing this drama..

Boy-“what did u say (n he raises hand to slap her )koyal gets shocked

As he was about to slap a strong grip of hand holds his hand of course it is our charming bihaan,sneha gets shocked

Koyal looks on

BIHAAN-“kyun bei ..little heaven ke devil u want to take her to heaven first have some delights than go …..n bihaan punches on the boy’s face hard n the boy runs away followed by the other boys with him……

Arjun-“ok guys carry on sorry for the disturbance ok ..n the party continues…

Bihaan-“are u ok…”

Koyal-“I’m fine thanks so much for teaching them a lesson becoz I just hate those kind of boys awara ladke….

Bihaan-“so now can we dance pliz as a friend (makes a sad face)…

Koyal-“ok becozz u saved me only that’s why come lets go….”

Bihaan n Koyal moves to the dance floor the song (ae dil hai mushkil plays) n Bihaan puts his hand on koyals waist n pulls her closer to him ,both dance so romantically while dancing Koyal asks something to Bihaan..

Koyal-“so Bihaan where do u live n with whom I see u r a close friend of Arjun…”

Bihaan-“I leave in the 3 street there is a bungalow pandey nivas I leave with my parent cuz bhabhi n big brother n. Wat about u …”

Koyal-“me well I grew up in New York n my dad was always with me n than he came back to India to take care of his businesses..”

Bihaan-“n wat about ur mum where is she.?

As Koyal heard about her mother tears started falling out of her eyes n she stopped dancing but she was still in the dancing position with Bihaan..

Bihaan-“are u crying I’m so sorry did I say something hurting..”

Koyal-“no it’s ok but pliz don’t talk about my mother anymore pliz …… Koyal leaves Bihaan n was about to go when her shoes gets stuck n she was about to fall …..

A strong pair of hands grabs her waist n pulls her towards him yes it was Bihaan both of them have an eye lock n kaun tujhe(from m.s dhoni)plays at background…

The screen freezes on there position…..

Pre-cap: Bihaan stands outside Koyal’s house early in the morning ,Koyal n Bihaan rides on bike…..

Mysterious pre-cap:something tragic is about to happen in episode 6n7 but before that u all will get to see some awesome romance between kohaan ?❤️??? so stay tuned …

N once again sorry for late update pliz do comment n guess the mysterious pre-cap …

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