The Untold Love Story Episode 2

The Untold Love Story Episode 2

Hi guys hope ur enjoying my FF but after reading this episode u all will be excited for the next part pliz keep supporting me ????

New York airport is shown ,n just than comes a white Lamborghini car which makes everyone to see it n who could it be of course ️Thapki n aditi,the media comes to take their pictures as after so many years she is going back to India .

️Thapki-“ok ok everyone yes I’m going to India after a long time becoz I feel my dad needs me at the moment………n I’ll surely be able to help him out n it’s also true that I’m starting a new business which is going to help a lot of people .

Aditi-“koyal I guess we should go the flight is about to go ……..”

KOYAL -“yeah”

N they go in n enter their gate in the terminal after a while their flight take off………….after hours their flight land n they go to pick their laugage n they head to the restaurant to have lunch as they were hungry……..

Bihaan n his Frenz go to the airport to pick up their friend who has just returned from Singapore n they wait for his flight to come ……

Bihaan-“hey guys wonder when will raj will come lets go in n have something to eat I’m very hungry…”

Friend-“no no u go n get it here becoz we r not allowed inside u can go becoz u r a known person in the u go”


Bihaan enters in n the security salutes him he salutes back n heads for the restaurant n buys some meals as he turns koyal a face was about to be seen ️just than a man blocks his view n Bihaan didn’t notice n goes out………..

He comes back to his frenz n hands them some meals n coffee…. One of his friend was reading the newspaper when he calls out to the others …….

Friend-“hey guys did u read today’s paper (every one nods no) …Ofo don’t u guys know who came to India u know Prem Chopra right ……

Bihaan-“YES who doesn’t know him his a billionaire of the cities known …: wats with him is he dead..(n laughs)

Friend-“No his daughter KOYAL CHOPRA has come to India today to take care of her fathers business..n look wat a babe she is not even Bihaan can impress her no wonder how many boys must be after her even I can’t take my eyes off her she is so beautiful..

Bihaan-“wat did u say I can’t impress her ,she can’t impress me I mean I m the most handsome man over here n she is just a hook i mean how gorgeous can she be that she cannot be impressed by me……..(his frenz laugh)

Just then the media run to the airport main gate n shout miss koyal ,miss koyal ……….

Bihaan n his frenz go infront to see wats going on n than bihaan’s eyes spotted thapki’s eyes they were so beautiful Bihaan was shocked to see such beauty n he was lost in her but ️Thapki was busy answering the media that she didn’t even notice someone staring at her with different looks…..

Bihaan’s Frenz saw that look n were smiling at each other n just than a Lamborghini came n the driver asked koyal n aditi to sit in the car n they sat n waved goodbye to the media n went away in style

Bihaan-“OMG she’s so beautiful she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life I have to impress her ….I have to.”

Friend-“No Bihaan u can’t she is so rich but u r also rich but she’s so special she can’t be impressed by you n besides u have a lot of girlfriends Bihaan let it be…

Bihaan-“No no no I will n u all will see n leave my GF’s all of them r dumb but koyal is so special……

Friend-“Ok than lets see who wins lets have a bet if u impress her than I’ll believe that there’s no one like u but if u lose than u will have to give me $50,000 is that a bet…

Bihaan -“(with attitude)it’s a done deal guy…

The scene shifts to a bungalow
A really really really big bungalow like a palace it’s so huge it has swimming pool,a grand garden n a lot of expensive cars trucks n vans parked around just than a car enters n ️Thapki comes out of it n runs inside the bungalow

️Thapki-“Papa papa where r u see ur princess has come just than a lot of rose petals shower on her n Mr prem chopra comes …..

PC(prem chopra)-“hahaha my princess is here omg u have grown so big n tall n so beautiful my princess will u just stand there won’t u hug me (he widens his arms to welcome his princess).

️Thapki runs to him n hugs him n the rose petals again showers on her n she smiles with enjoyment….

️Thapki-“papa know will u only welcome me I brought someone with me look(aditi enters)

Aditi-“hello uncle n she hugs him n takes his blessings…

PC-“arre aditi dear how r u hope u will enjoy here (aditi n ️Thapki both smiles)

Just than the cook comes sir meal is ready u can eat know

PC-“OK we r coming, Thapki,aditi come lets eat ….”

thapki-“papa we already ate at the restaurant becoz we waited for so long for the driver…thats why we r late”

PC-“What so that means that driver didn’t arrive on time wait ,(n he call out for the driver ).”

PC-“driver,driver (the driver enters)

Driver-“(scared)Yes sir …..

PC-” why were u late to the airport ( in a angry tone ) WHY!!!!

Driver-“sssorry…sorry sir the tyre got punctured that’s why I’m so sorry.”

PC-“OK u have made mistake n ur punishment is that u r suspended from work for five weeks don’t show me ur face for five weeks u made my daughter wait for one hour that’s why…

Thapki n aditi together -“no pliz don’t do this pliz forgive him.

Just then PC shows them his hand ,enough of discussion go to ur rooms n don’t talk about this I’ll send Maria (house maid) to bring juice for u both n aditi ur room is on the left n thapki…

️Thapki-“on the right papa I know my room is it the way I left….(cute faced)

PC cups her face n says yes my darling it is the way u left know go n rest than u both can attend the spa n swimming pool outside I’ll tell the maid to set up the refreshment outside also ok…..

️Thapki n aditi nods and goes upstairs to take rest ….

The scene shifts to another bungalow (not as big as koyals but big )a board is shown at the front gate the intials on it says PANDEY NIVAS…..

A man is shown feeding a black cow some grass ️just than a lady calls him out “eejji “than man is balwindar pandey

Balwindar-“yes I’m coming …..

A lady is shown standing at the doorway calling out for balwindar
N the lady happens to be vasundara

Vasundara-“suniye Ji do u know where Bihaan is I can’t find him anywhere did u see him…I’m so worried.”

Balwindar-“yes he has gone with his Frenz outside…”

Vasundara-“Yeh ladka kabhi nahi sudre ga every time he goes out no wonder how will he manage his future life (making tensed faces)

Just than someone from back puts his hands on vasundara’s eyes n it BIHAAN !!

Vasundara-“bihaan stop it I know it’s u.”

Bihaan-“maa why r u always worried nothing will happen to my future dad tell mum..”

Balwindar-“yes vasu he will always be ok u don’t worry bihaan u go n get freshened up we will eat lunch together ok..”

Bihaan nods n goes in n the screen freezes on his face!!!!

Pre-cap: Bihaan tries to impress KOYAL,Koyal gets angry
Koyal goes to a party where Bihaan is also there Bihaan n koyal romantic dance….??

HEY guys enjoy this episode n pliz keep supporting in the next episode u will be so thrilled….?

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  1. Hi Ash … How r u ?
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    Very nice..I eagerly looking forward to your next part

  4. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    but that made me interested in the serial thapki pyarki is the main character unique. Bihan came from a wealthy family, but bihan stupid, like mad but benevolent. while thapki so humble but clever and cultured too kind … it is unique from this story, there is a big difference but both can be united by god and so both love each other.

  5. Nice episode

  6. When will u update next part plz updat e it soon

  7. its very nice….koyal angry bihan naughty….sounds good….

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    Awesome….its different from original track…loved it ….eagerly waiting for thahaan meeting….do continuing …

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