The Untold love story (episode 1)

Hii frnds
As I told u it’s a real story actually only few incidents r real. Remaining r my imagination

Episode 1
It was 7 in the morning and the sun rays fell on pranathi’s eyes cuz someone opened the soon as she woke up she smiled.then a voice was heard “chinni get ready quickly and come down fast”. Then she replied”ok ma”.she got ready,wearing a black long skirt and a pink top.then she had breakfast and took mom and dads blessings and went to college.
As soon as she reached there she found Harini and was surprised (as they both were childhood frnds).then they hugged each other and started talking. After some time they went to class and the principal came and told the students that there is another new admission.then he came a tall,fair and handsome boy Pranav.
Meanwhile Harini and Pranathi be friend with Vinay.


that’s all for the first episode
I will not give the names of mom dad and siblings of pranathi and Pranav.
Sorry for the grammatical errors
Thank you for supporting me

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