Sacred Love (Episode 1)


Hiii frnds I am once again here to write a story…..
This is a continuation of “The Untold Love Story”. I know dat I didn’t get good response but I still want to try once again…I hope u all support me….
So all the characters are same and here is the link to the introduction…
I knw most of u didn’t read the story so here is a summary abt wat happened in the untold love story.

Pranav and Pranathi are the main leads who love each other like hell. Pranathi’s bestie is Harini and Pranav’s bestie is Vinay. Due to a misunderstanding they go away frm eachother. Nxt day Pranathi meets wid an accident,loses her memory,Harini changes her name to Sriya and Pranav leaves dat place. After few years they didn’t recognise eachother and married eachother. After their marriage he comes to knw dat Sriya is nly Pranathi and takes care of her very well.
Now in this new story “Happy Life” it is about their happy life and how they support eachother watever da circumstance is. Villains will be introduced later
So here is da episode-
The new season starts wid a new beginning of Pranav and Pranathi’s|Sriya’s life.Pranav wakes up and finds Sriya still sleeping.He lovingly looks at her and thinks”I am very sorry Pranathi for doubting u. God curse me….I was not wid u when u needed me da most I am really very sorry for day and I promise u to keep u happy and will never hurt u. I love u very much.” He goes and gets ready and prepares coffee and comes back to his room. And comes to Sriya and caresses her face. With his touch she smiles a bit but doesn’t wake up. Then he comes near her ear and whispers” Good morning sweet heart” Listening to his sweet voiceshe wakes up and smiles looking at him. He also smiles looking at her and was abt to say something then Sriya cuts him and says “Sorry I am late ”. He says” why sorry sweet heart?? You are nt a maid to do everything alone,even I will help u. When I wake up late then u do and when u will wake up late then I will do. It is as simple as it is.”
Sriya smiled at his reply and went to washroom to get ready and came out wearing a simple pink and white anarkali. Pranav was mesmerised seeing her. He gave her the cup of coffee and she thanked him. And both were talking to eachother and came to know abt eachother a lil bit. Then Sriya asked him “Arent u going to office tday???”
Pranav replied “I am the boss of the company. I can go whenever I want.” Sriya said ok and asked him” Do u have any nick name???”
Pranav: I don’t have a nick name….but I will give u one…..
Sriya: ok fine. U can call me anything. I will respond even if u will call me “crazy woman”…
Pranav: Hmmm…… let me think….[( better call her Sriya] U r my better half in his mind) I may call her Pranthi by mistake which may be a risk for her life so I will na….
Sriya: Yes. How is dat related to nick name???
Pranav: Patience swt heart…..Listen to me and don’t speak anything.
Sriya nodded her head.
Pranav: As u r my better half u will be everything wid me like happiness, sorrow, problems etc so I give u a part of my name as ur nick name. So….. ur name is PRANU.
Sriya smiled at him.
Sriya: Ok then frm this moment my name is Pranu and only my Pranav is having da right to call me like dat and no one else nt even Hari dii..
Pranav smiled.
Pranav:ok then I think I shud go to office now….and don’t forget to have ur lunch which I prepared for u….
Sriya: U prepared lunch???
Pranav: Yaa…Whats wrng??? Acha fine bye and I have smthg for u in da evening…
Sriya: (excited) What is it??? Tell me naa….
Pranav: Wait and watch Pranu….
Sriya: ok fine….(puts a pouty face) Bye….
Pranav smiles seeing her.
Pranav: Bye Pranu…tc

Precap: not yet decided
Plzzz comment even though it is smthg negative…..suggestions accepted

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  1. hi aditi …iam happy that u again started writng this s u r not going to rush and end it soon na..pls update regular.. n dont bother abt comments..iam sure there r many silent readrs 4 ur story..

  2. Thnak u soo much ammu
    Ur words mean a lot to me….
    i will update regularly after my confusion gets cleard
    i knw there r many silent readers but wid out comments u wont understand how the story is whether they like it or nt….
    once again thank u

  3. Already submitted the episode
    will be posted any moment

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