The Untold Love OS ~ Maria

Vidhaa OS: The Untold Love by Maria

Dhaani’s POV,
“Your life is so dull, I mean there’s no drama at all! What’s the meaning of your life?” These words kept echoing in my mind as I walked down the street returning from my college. I am a shy, dull girl and hardly anyone likes me! Apart from my parents and my younger sister no one loves me in this world! Those words were said by my so called friend Radhika in my college and Swati supporting her. They both had boyfriends and there had been many ups and downs in their relationship. And I having no boyfriend or any “drama” in my life was left out. And today they taunted me. I mean which friend does that? They are not my real friends! Two sided friends as I can say.. my thoughts were interrupted and I felt a force pulling me towards itself. And after some seconds I realised that I had fallen down, my eyes were closed in fear.
As I slowly opened my eyes, I found a boy on top of me, he was staring at me like hell, I could even feel his breath. His deep hazel brown eyes which attracted me towards him. We both kept staring at each other for a while, I was really lost in him. He was such a beautiful creation of God, I had almost fallen for him. Actually remove the word almost, I had really fallen for him. There were butterflies in my stomach indicating that I had really fallen for him. He moved his hand and touched my hair which had fallen on my face because of the sudden pull. He slowly tucked them behind to get a clear view of my face. I felt shivers run through my whole body.

I realised my position by his touch and quickly moved to get up. He also got up quickly feeling embarrassed. He started a conversation
‘I am sorry actually a bus was coming towards you, I just saved you from the bus otherwise…’
‘Its ok, I understand’ I smiled saying this.
‘Thanks.. so friends?’ He forwarded his hand. I was surprised! How can someone want me to be their friend! And especially a boy! I hardly make girl friends because of my nature, but now he was someone who himself wanted to become my friend! Was I dreaming? I was lost in my thoughts when he waved his hand in front of my face. I came back to senses and placed my hand in his hand and smiled. He smiled too. I felt as if I was the best person in this world as he made me his friend, the one I loved made me his friend! I was the happiest person on earth!
‘So lets walk, let me something about you.’ He said smilingly. But I was just lost in his eyes and his smile which was the best smile ever! I came back to my senses and said,
‘I am Dhaani Sharma, studying in Rising Star college, in 2nd year. What about you?’
‘Ohh really? I am also in the same college final year! By the way I am Viplav Tripathi.’ He smiled again. I was surprised that he was also in my college, more than being surprised I was very happy that now I could often see him.
‘See you are again lost in your thoughts!’ he said with a cute pout. I laughed at his cuteness.
‘Why are you laughing now?’ He asked with curiosity. ‘Nothing’ I said controlling my laughter. Then we walked down the street together talking about random stuffs, the college, the teachers, studies and all that stuff. After meeting him I almost forgot about those words which were bothering me some time back. I left my sorrows aside. We went laughing chatting loving each other’s company. For the first time in my life I had made a friend or I must say a real perfect friend who praised me.
‘Here’s my house. Meet you tomorrow in the college, Bye..’ I said forcefully as I didn’t want to leave him and go.
He smiled and greeted bye!
I entered my house very happy. Mahi my little sister asked me “Di.. you are smiling so much today, what happened?”
“I am in love” I said in a flow. “What? You are in love? Who is that guy?”
I realised what I just said and felt embarrassed, “I will freshen up and come” I tried avoiding any further talk. “Di.. don’t try to avoid me! Tell me everything please “ she said with a pout. And I could not see her like that “Ok I will tell you but please let me freshen up first” I assured her. “Thank you di..” She hugged me in excitement. I hugged her back.
Some time later I came back after changing my clothes. She excitedly came towards me and dragged me to the bed and made me sit on the bed. “Now tell me everything in detail” I told her everything what happened on the road and ended up blushing. She hugged me tightly and said “I am so happy for you di..”
It was morning and I felt sun rays disturbing my sleep coming through the only window of my room. I got up and today I was very excited about going to my college not like every other day where I half heartedly went to my college. I took a bath and wore a blue crop top with plain black jeans. I applied my lip gloss and kajal and tied my hair in a high pony tail… No this was not my daily routine, I only used to apply my gloss as I didn’t matter much how I looked. But today it mattered to me the most! I quickly took my bag and rushed out of my house. And luckily I got a rickshaw quickly. Never in my life I had been so excited to go to the college, it was all because of him! In some time I reached my college and soon the lectures began. I was eagerly waiting for the break time. And finally the bell rang, it was the break time. I quickly picked up my tiffin box and started moving out when I was stopped by my friend no actually so called friend Swati. “Where are you going in a hurry today? And you look happy, anything special?” I said nothing and went out leaving her confused.
I quickly ran up to the floor where final year students had their classes. I searched for him and finally found him smiling, ahh.. that smile.. I moved forward but as I walked up to him, he hugged a girl. All my happiness was now shattered! How could he do this? He had a girlfriend! I had tears in my eyes, they were flowing like hell from my eyes, the one whom I loved so much was not mine. He was still hugging her, and I felt a pain in my heart. Finally he broke the hug and saw me, I tried to avoid his gaze and looked back and started moving down towards my class. “Dhaani!” he called out. I avoided him and ran down quickly. I went straight into the washroom and luckily there was no one inside. I cried my heart out. This was probably the worst day of my life.
I washed my face and stepped out of the washroom, entered my class and avoided everyone in my class got to my seat and put my head down. I was still remembering what happened! I tear again without my permission came out and fell on my desk. After some time the break was over. The rest of the day I was just sitting dull in my class and my friends were really confused with my behaviour but who cares? Finally the bell rang and the college got over. I was again walking on the road with only the same flashback, he hugged a girl! Again, once again I was pulled aside by someone, I knew it would be him again. And yes I was right, it was Viplav. Again the same thing he fell over me saving me from a bus.
I looked at him with pain and a drop of tear came out from my eyes and my face became moist again! All my make up had been removed because of my tears, I never wanted to come in front of him like this, without make up and a dull face! He finally moved his hand and wiped my tear, he was looking at me with pain. I again remembered him hugging so I quickly got up said a dull Thanks and started moving ahead finding a rickshaw for myself. He called out my name but I didn’t pay heed, he ran behind me and held my hand and pulled me closer. I could once again feel his warm breath. We were just lost in each other’s eyes, we both were in pain. I tried to free my hand but he held it more tight. I screamed in pain ahh…
“Its hurting me, leave my hand please” I said withering in pain. But he again tightened his grip and pulled me even closer. “It hurts me also.” He said, “Why are you here? Where’s your girlfriend?” I asked directly, “What? Girlfriend? I don’t have any” he replied.”Don’t lie! I saw you hugging her, just leave it” I said finally freeing my hand and ran away from there and luckily got a rickshaw. I sat inside crying, he tried following me but he could not catch up to the speed of my rickshaw.
A week passed by and we didn’t talk to each other. He followed me daily when I was returning home, he tried talking to me many times but I never let him talk. I started avoiding him! Avoiding my love! I loved him very much but…
I was sitting in my class and a notice came that tomorrow in the party of our college, the colour theme was black. Yes, party! Our college was ranked number 1 in our state! I was in no mood to go to that party but I simply had to because I had to give a speech there. The welcome speech! I was very well prepared with my content now, I don’t know why I was chosen for this speech!
Next day,
I got up again with that same boring feeling, I woke up half heartedly. I took a bath and wore my black short one piece which was just a few inches above my knees. Again I had to get ready today which irritated me the most! I was really in no mood but I had to! I applied my lip gloss and a dark shade of pink lipstick. I applied compact on my cheeks, kajal, eye liner and mascara. I tied my hair in a bun letting out some strands of my hair out which were falling on my face. And I was done! I wore my black stilettos which perfectly matched my outfit. I took my purse and ran out of my room.
“Di.. you are looking very pretty, I am sure today Viplav jiju will go flat!” I smiled at her and took a rickshaw again. You must be wondering why did she say that? Actually I didn’t tell her about Viplav’s girlfriend, I just made up a story that we were just friends. I didn’t want to tell her the truth and make her upset. I reached my college which was decorated beautifully. I entered the hall and gathered everyone’s attention, especially the boys who never ever looked at me but today they were staring at me. I laughed at my luck! I thought only the beauty matters to the people in this world! And maybe that girl was more beautiful than me who Viplav was with. I turned around searching for him and finally I found him chatting with some of his friends and smiling. That smile after all… I walked up to the stage when almost everyone had come.
I started,
Hello everyone, welcome to the party, congratulations to each one of you for making this college come to the first position in the state… and I continued, and as I turned to see him, I saw that he was just staring at me with love. I turned my gaze and continued but again I was attracted towards him, he was in black suit looking handsome more than ever. He was just staring at me, I was now losing myself, my eyes were welled up with tears ready to flow anytime! But I controlled them as I didn’t want to let it out in front of everyone. I finally finished and everyone clapped for me, I smiled at got down. I was walking with tears coming out as I seriously couldn’t control them. He controlled my tears. I went towards the washroom to wipe my tears otherwise it would spoil my make up. I didn’t care about that but still I couldn’t go in front of everyone like that. I reached the washroom but I could not enter inside as I was again pulled by someone and I knew it was him. I looked at him with pain and the tears continuously flowing down.
He wiped my tears and nodded as in saying not to cry. He cupped my face and came closer to me and was about to kiss my forehead when I moved back. “Please don’t do this to me! You have already hurt me a lot” I said in pain. “And what about you? You have also hurt me a lot” he said. I couldn’t understand why was he hurt?! “You hurt me and now.. leave it” I said and turned to go back to the hall when he again pulled me and now held my wrist tightly behind my back. I winced in pain. He moved closer to me and I couldn’t stop him, I had finally allowed him to take over me. I couldn’t resist. He pinned me to the wall and said “The girl whom I hugged wasn’t my girlfriend! She is my younger sister who studies in the nearby college. I had forgotten to take my tiffin that day and that’s why she had come to give it to me! And I thanked her for that, and that hug was quite natural! Do you get it? Or you need any more explanation?!”
I was shocked, I had misunderstood him, tears were flowing again from my eyes. I said “I’m sorry.. I misunderstood you.” He wiped my tears carefully so that he doesn’t disturb my makeup. I continued “Actually I am disliked by everyone in this world except my parents and my sister. No one likes me, they say I’m dull, boring and there’s no meaning of my life. I don’t even have good friends or any friend!but that day when I met you, you behaved with me so nicely, laughed with me, shared your life with me and I enjoyed it a lot for the first time. For the first time I felt that no I’m not so boring. And for the first time I was so excited to go to college just because I could meet you there! But then I saw you with her, I mean your sister and I was shattered.
I felt that you also don’t like me. And.. I cried my heart out! I poured out everything in front of him and I noticed tears in his eyes. He hugged me tightly and said “I’m sorry for hurting you” I cried under his strong chest, and it comforted me the most. We broke our hug and he cupped my face wiping all the tears and kissed my forehead. I felt as if I was blessed to have him. Our hearts knew how much we loved each other. My cheeks turned light shade of pink as he kissed me. I quickly captured his rough lips and he reciprocated as well. The kiss was full of passion, pain, and most importantly LOVE! We parted due to the lack of oxygen. I turned red looking at him and quickly buried my face under his chest. Some time later we entwined our hands and walked inside the hall. Our love was unsaid! Neither did he say nor did I but we knew that we loved each other.

Hey, I’m back with one shot. I hope you all liked it. Do comment and share your views!!


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  1. Darshini

    Awesome dear?…
    You nailed it…love it to the core…

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much dear!☺

  2. CoffeeGreen

    I love this couple

    1. Angel20

      Even I love this couple?

  3. wowww what a story yaar…
    u have realllly good thinking i loved it very much…
    plz write atleast os like this..
    bye tc
    keep smiling 🙂 🙂

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much dear!! I’ll try to write more.

      With Love❤

  4. Shanitics

    Meri jaan.. Tune toh phir se nail ki yaar.. Kya kamal ki story hai.. Keep writing.. U have a good talent in it..

    Os was superb meri bestie..
    Love u

  5. Maha_Aijaz

    Mariaaaaa it was just amazing. Loved it, enjoyed it to the core. The way you explained her POV was too good!
    I’ll take this love as love at first sight, right!
    Viplav babu, hayeeee his killer smile, his sparkling eyes, that dimple on his cheek while smiling Maaar daaala! Seriously he was looking too handsome in that black suit as in Ikrs he had worn black and he was looking killer, though he looks dashing in all colors but I personally love to see him in blue, red and black <3
    Mai bhe flat hogae dhaani ke tarah. Allah!
    Bohat acha tha yaar.
    Keep posting one shots like this. Samjhi yaah samjhaai. LOL!

    P.S: Madam when are you going to post ILP, waiting for it's marriage track yaar. Hopefully we'll get it soon (er)
    Take care!
    Lots of love<3

  6. Thanks Maria.

    For writing this amazing ff story.. I really appreciate you for that. And I’ll be looking for the rest of your ff story.. I really enjoy of bit of off while I was reading!!!

  7. EishaP

    Maria d Thank you thank you and a big thank you d it was amazing super duper yaar college wali love story …I just want to hug you and want to say a big thanks for such a beautiful writing yaar …love you d …god bless you….and sorry for late commenting srry

  8. Sujie

    Superb… Amazing….. Actually really short of words ….
    kya kahoon mein ab?? UNKAHEE MOHABBAT…. THE UNTOLD LOVE….. awwwwwwwsome…..
    right from the beginning you were magical in this…another master piece story on ViDha….
    ab mujhe pagal kaho ya kuch….but I really imagined myself in place of Dhaani…. that pull from Viplav… that hug securing Dhaani….superb …..I was feeling like woh Dhaani nahi mein thi….
    chalo romantic baatein bohot hogayi….
    ab kaam ki baat…. it was ammmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaazing ….. love you for this
    and yes…sorry for late reply 🙂

  9. AanyaSingh

    Maria dear, u have just left me almost speechless. This was soooooo sooooooooo WONDERFUL ??????. What an OS u have written!! ????. It was so lovely, thoroughly enjoyable right from the start to the end. And the way u have written it thru Dhaani’s POV is simply toooooo Good. Everything so simply yet Wonderfully described specially the last part. Great Great job?????. And please keep blessing us with more lovely stories like this. God bless u. Love to u?????.

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