Untold ff (Episode 1)

Hi everyone, this is Dyuti. Till now I was a silent reader but now I’m here with my first ever fan fiction “Untold”. Hope you all like it.

Life is so strange. It always does thing which we never want. Events, when it seems to be in its rightful place, buckles up, crawls back and throws us into another corner, a place which we never thought that it was going to


I was waiting at the Tollygunge metro station, waiting for my metro. My backpack has become so heavy due to the excessive articles from my tuition that I could be considered the Heavyweight champion among students. Anyways, I was standing there among a huge rush of people waiting for the 7 pm metro as that’s the one when the AC rake comes. Hope luck is on my side.
Surely luck was on my side and I quickly hurried on to the metro, pushing few people away to get myself a seat. But as usual, we are the teenagers, so we need to sacrifice. And I was standing in front of a door on the other side, because I knew it wasn’t going to open till Park Street.
As time was passing, I was looking at people hopping on and off the metro with their great amount of rush and hurry visible on their face.

I was busy listening to one of my favorite song on my phone. As a 17 year old boy, I was busy looking at girls, hot and beautiful girls. The sleeve of my shirt was rolled so that I could also flaunt my fair skin and that could at least catch a few eyes.
Few stations left and I still could neither find a seat nor any girl to look at. How boring!
I was looking here and there when my eye caught the sight of a very beautiful girl. She was sitting in the ladies corner, but strangely enough, she was just sitting idle. Well many people do sit idle, I wonder how, but she was something different. She was beautiful, wearing specs, but unusual thing was that, her necklace and her earring were not in their proper place.
I was looking at that girl since the moment my eyes caught her and I was seriously going to start a normal conversation and would ask for her number, well that’s what every boy think.
Central station had soon come and the coach had become a bit empty for me to go sit beside her and start a talk. I didn’t quite understand how to strike a conversation given that she was unknown and she was in the ladies seat, but I was determined.

I went up to her and giving a few gestures around that I should be sitting there as a girl was alone so it’s my job to look after her, I finally sat.
I looked up at her again and I got shocked. The first thing I could notice was few bruises on her hand. She hovered immediately and hid it, once she understood that my investigative eyes had caught it. She was also looking at me from the time I was looking at her. That gave me confidence.
I wanted to talk with her and the first thing I would be asking her was about those bruises. But I couldn’t gather up the courage.
“Anisha.” The girl spoke coming out of her silence.
I got relief as she spoke something but on the other hand, the LED in front of me was showing Shovabazar. It was the next station.
“Shouronil. Nice to meet you.” I replied.
I didn’t know what to say after that. Though this wasn’t the first time I would be talking with someone unknown but this girl, Anisha, was different.
“Tuition?” I asked randomly just to start with something.
“Will you sit beside me? Please?” she asked.

I was totally surprised with this sudden question. I was eager as always to sit beside her and to talk with her but I knew that there was something with this girl.
Her eyes were gloomy as it was evident that she was unhappy.
“Sure. May I ask you something?” I couldn’t hide my anticipation.
“I know your question.” She replied silently.
Strange. Was she a mind reader or what? I thought of keeping quiet and wait for her answer.
“Raped. Minutes. Back.” Each word, stopping in between, left as a horror out of her mouth.
I just couldn’t believe what I just heard and adding to my shock quotient, I couldn’t understand what to say her.
“Anisha I…” I stopped.
She held my hand tightly. I knew she wanted safety, security and care at that moment.
“I loved this boy so much. We had been in a relationship past one year. His name is Vishal.” She spoke.
Now I come to know what the reason is.
“He called me up earlier this evening and told me to meet him. I went to meet at his house but things weren’t the way I had expected.” Anisha was sobbing tears.
I thought of wiping it away, but sooner rather than later, I saw we were catching eyes.
Belgachia was soon coming. We had very less time and I need to know her.
“I know that it isn’t something to forget but you need to carry yourself forward.” I couldn’t think of anything else to comfort her.
“You are a very nice friend.” Anisha told me.

I wanted to hold her at that moment at tell her that I was with her, but I also held myself back. I remember my love, my Aparajita. She also travels alone at places though I know that she is careful, but Anisha also was, and how could she probably know that this was waiting for her at her boyfriend’s house, at the house where she would be thinking about her future, about her life, about her everything and yet here she was sitting beside me, with bruises in her hands.
“See what he did to me!” at once she spoke and I could sense anger in her eyes, anger for her boyfriend, and anger for the person she loves the most.
“Do you love him still?” I told her pulling her sleeves down, myself.
“Yes. He was drunk.” She spoke.

“I understand.” I could hear her silently crying.
Dumdum was soon going to come and I gestured her to get up. She wasn’t strong enough but she trusted me. Her eyes spoke everything.
When she got up, she wasn’t speaking. She was just looking at me. Sadness still didn’t leave her eyes.
We both got down and I waved her bye. Just before I was about to leave, she told me, “Thanks Shouronil. I needed someone. Goodbye.” I replied, “We both live here only. We will surely be meeting someday soon.” She just smiled at this reply of mine, a smile which I shall be describing as, a last smile.
I turned and I was just thinking what I encountered few minutes back. My world was totally changed. Not every girl that rides the metro is same. Few girls have untold stories.
I got down from the stairs. Time surely was more than I could have expected and I was to go home.
Punching the token, I got to the other side when I suddenly I heard people shouting and rushing. I couldn’t understand what was going on, just that I turned around to see everyone rushing to the station.
I almost jumped the token counter and joined the group. Panting I went up to check what it was.
When I reached the spot, I was utterly shocked. It was Anisha, lying down, dead, on the metro track.

Her voice was still fresh in my mind. “Goodbye” her last words were. I remembered my thought also. Surely, many girls do have their own stories, untold.

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  1. fabulous fantastic marvelous superb awesome. ..I don’t know how to describe ur story in words. ..I also wrote a story based on a rape case but I left it in middle. ..thnx for this one dyuti

  2. That was something different.. U write well Dyuti.. Plz continue…

  3. Thank you dyuti…It was speechless..

  4. This was really good. ..sort of engrossing. ..

  5. Waaowww..ur writing skills r too gud!i appreciate it!

  6. No words………………………

  7. Waaaaaat a ….. I am stuck of words
    It really seems to me like I am visualisations all this in front of my eyes ….. Really felt so …..
    Gud one …. No not gud very bitter one ….
    I don’t knw wat to say …. Shocked and I think this is somewer a real story ….
    Saddest end ….

    1. Visualising*

  8. This is the first time I shared my writings with everyone and I’m overwhelmed by all of yours comments.
    Thank you very much.
    Ruby thank you and I request you to continue with your story. Don’t leave it. Complete it. I’m damn sure it’ll be fabulous.
    Ananya,Abisa,Jwala,Priyanshi,Twinki thank you so much for appreciating my writing and in future I’ll try to write something that ends in a good note

  9. And Devga you’re absolutely right it’s a bitter one but this happens every now and then in our country. And yes there’s a little bit of truth and reality in it and there’s a story behind this story. Well, a long horrifying story. Will share it later. Again thank you very much..

  10. Just unable to describe in words..i am totally speechless

  11. touching story…

  12. Very nice story and it really goes with the name “untold” . Amazing …..it’s all I can say.

  13. Awesome chapter!! Good that Manya got some sense . Arjun and his threats …..oh god !! Waiting for next update di. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

  14. I’m really sorry Dyuti and everyone else . I posted the comment at wrong place . Plzzz do ignore guys .

    1. It’s Okay Advaita… Thank you very much…

      1. Thanks dear 🙂 🙂

  15. Very,very nice, lovely, marvellous story…it’s really heart touching. ..you wrote very beautifully n the way you narrated it took my breath…really it’s true this world is full of the untold stories…n lots of them just be untold n hidden…it’s a true face of the cruel society which we girls have to face….we always an easy target…
    Love you loads my dear friend, and take care sweetie, very tight hug…

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