An Unsung Heroine Urmila (Part 7)

Sorry bros and sis for a late update. Last time we were at mandavi’s scene where she was wondering whom the canvas belong. She was spell bound seeing the sketch. But according to her something was missing. She pick up the brush and start painting it. After sometime she complete it. She said,” I think it is looking good.” ” very good, awesome!” a voice came from back. She turned to see. He was prince bharat.

Bharat said,” you are a fine artist. What perfection you gave to my sketch.” Mandavi excitedly said,” Is it your sketch? Do you like drawing as well?” ” oh, yes. I love it a lot” bharat replied. Mandavi said,” but why didn’t you paint it? Bharat replied,” actually I thought the colors I have at that time was not enough. So i went to fetch it but you use the same colors and paint it according to my imagination. How? ” ” It is not necessary that we will always get the same amount of happiness in whole life. We always try to be happy with the available quantity. Even if it is small we can make it large by our thinking. I follow the same. I mixed the colorthat you have to recreate my imagination.” Mandavi answer brilliantly. Bharat seems to be impress.

Just then sita and urmila arrive there and greets bharat. They both appreciate bharat for the painting. Bharat said,” bhabhi, without your sister’s collaboration, it may not look that beautiful it is now.” they all smile. Sita asked mandavi about the flowers and the sisters leave. In entering the palace, urmila whispers in mandavi’s ears,” what about didi’s proposal? One will sketch and other will paint. A perfect couple” and runs to escape. Mandavi shouts,” wait , i’ ll show you” and runs behind her leaving sita confused.

Meanwhile the news of maharaja dashrath’s arrival came in the palace and everyone except sita gather for his welcome. Sunaina do his aarti and janak hugs him. Janak intoduce daahrath with his family. Janak said, ” I am lucky to welcome you maharaj. Mithila’s soil is bless by your arrival.” Dashrath joins hand and said,” I am lucky that this soil allow me to feel it . I pay my heartiest salute to the land who gives ayodhya its future.” he meets everyone.

Next day , a sabha was organize to decide the wedding date of siya ram. Both ram and sita’s janam patri was studied by the gurus. After some discussion mahrishi vaahishth announce that after five days ram and sita will get married. Everyone filled with joy. Shatanand said, ” according to mithila’ s rituals and permissiion of rajrishi, I announce urmila as the vidhikari from bride side.” Urmila gets glad. But this left ayodhya’ princes in confusion. Laxman asked,” Vidhikari means.” mandavi replied,” rajkumar, one who conduct all the rituals in the marriage. Generally, bride and groom’s sister work as vidhikari.” shatanand asked,” who will be the vidhikari from kumar ram’s side?”

Everyone get tensed. But a voice cameyfrom behins,” Ram’s sister’s work will be done by her only.” All four brothers exclaimed,” shanta didi!” she was shanta standing with rishi shring. Ram and his brothers run to touch her feet and hug her. She gets teary eye. Shanta ask dashrath,” pitaji, if you allow then can I be the vidhikari frim groom’s side?” Dashrath said,” why are you asking me shanta? It is your right and responsibility.” turning to janak,” rajrishi, she is my daughter and rishi shring’s wife shanta and she will be the vidhikari from ram’s side.” Janak nods.

After somemore discussion everyone dispatch to their works. Shanta sat with her brothers. She said,” I am so happy for you ram. Are you happy with this marriage?” ” Happy? Bhaiya is on cloud nine .” laxman exclaimed. Bharat ask,” didi, do you like mithila?” ” ofcourse bharat. I have heard about mithila but visiting here is such a beautiful experince.” laxman said,” you are right didi. It is such a wonderful place that anyone can give their heart to it.” shanta teases laxman,” I hope your heart is with you or you already give your heart to someone?”

Precap- sisters request shanta to visit palace. Haldi ceromony begins.

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  1. Aman

    nice ff ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  2. Padmaja

    Lovely yr.. sister’s teasing. .. shanta’s entry and teasing lakshman. Everything was superb…. eagerly waiting for the next epi..

  3. Jayani

    Dis was a complete twist in d story of shata on d scene… Nd later all 4 sisters get married at d same tym r8???? Den who will do d vidhikari for d sisters??? ,Can u reply 2 doubt??? Nd as usual d epi was rocking… Waiting for d haldi scene…

    Jai Siya Ram

  4. Aman

    Pragya sis, if you are following skr than later on you can make gargi, katyayani or maitreyi doing vidhikari for 4 sisters

    1. Pragyashree

      Thank you bro for giving me a good idea as I was confuse at that point. Thank you everyone for the comments. Jayani the doubt will clear soon

      1. Jayani

        Thank u soo much di

  5. Pragyashree

    Thank you bro. I was confused at the same point as shanta will be the vidhikari for the grooms. Thank you for giving me a good idea

  6. Vanshika

    Shanta twist awesome yaar loved it to the core it’s jus superb ur imagination is superb Awesome I’m short of words ???

    1. Pragyashree

      Thank you vanshika dear

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