An Unsung Heroine Urmila (Part 6)

Urmila: I should leave now
Laxman: but why……. I mean but who asked you to stay?( taking a deep breathin relief that she didn’t notice)
Urmila: I am not asking for your permission. I am just informing
Laxman: You didn’t need to inform me.
Urmila gets irritated and seeing her laxman tried to control his laugh.
Urmila: oh my god. Why are you controlling your laugh? Laugh, laugh out loud so that the world get to know that great sumitranandan learns to laugh.
Laxman: do you want to say that I can’t laugh?
Urmila: a person who has anger on his nose, can he laugh?
Laxman want to furthur answer her but didn’t get any chance as urmila continue.
Urmila: and listen , i don’t want to argue with you anymore. I am leaving and take this.
She almost throws the bowl to laxman who manages to catch it. As she moved forward they both saw ram and sita standing. She ask sita to come fast as mandavi will be angry on not seeing her in the palace. They both leave but laxman’ s eyes didn’t stop staring urmila and smiling. He blushes when he notice ram observing him. Ram said,” why are you blushing laxman?” ” Blushing! Who is blushing bhaiya? No one.” Laxman try to take his eyes away from ram. Ram changed the topic and said,” by the way why were you irritating my sister in law? Laxman moves his eyes mischiefly and said, ” sister in laaaw. Very nice bhaiya where gone your younger brothers” ram shies and said,” let it go. Bharat and shtrughan will be here anytime soon. Lets go.”
In the palace, the sisters are applying mehndi on sita’s hand.
Urmila: didi your two brother in laws are coming here soon and after some days your wedding rituals will began.
Mamdavi: and then you will be in ayodhya leaving us here alone.
Shrutkirti: after then you will not remember us.
Sita: ( hug them) shut up and don’t even dare to say this again. You all areparts of my heart and tell me can a person be alive without their heart. Hey wait I have an idea! I will take you trio to ayodhya. Hows that?
Shrutkirti: really didi! But how?
Urmila: we will became her dasi.
Mandavi: yes, great. Each and evry queen needs dasi and we will play the role of bodyguards also.
Sita: how can I make my sisters my dasi.
Shrutkirti: then

Sita:( smiles) you trio will be my devrani.
Urmila, mandavi, shrutkirti: ( suprised) devrani!!!
Urmila: what are you saying didi? How can we marry your brother in laws?
Mandavi: yes didi, ket’s stop this conversation.
Sita : but why, which fault they have?
Urmila: fault! You haven’t seen him? Anger remain on his nose. If I will marry him….
She stop seeing sita and mandavi staring and smiling at her.
Mandavi:( clarifies) I didn’ t take out a word from my mouth. You are saying everything yourself.
Urmila gets angry and leave the room.
Mandavi and sita burst out of laughter.
Shrutkirti: laughing, but she didn’t complete.
Mandavi:( smiles) you will not undwrstand choti.
After sometime ram and laxman came in palace and informed about the arrival of their brothers. Bharat and shtrughan arrived and greet everyone. Laxman introduce them to everyone. Sunaina take the four brothers to their room.
In the garden mandavi was plucking flowers. She was slowly singing. At some distance. She noticed something. When she came there she saw a canvas with a sketchof the garden , the pond and her. She wonders whom the canvas belong to.

Precap- urmila whispers something in mandavi’s ear and try to escape from there. Ram and sita’s wedding date was finalise.

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