An Unsung Heroine Urmila (Part 5)

Urmila recalled that while trying to escape from laxman’s grip she took out his knife attack him which give him a shrp cut. Aftersometime everyone leaves to let urmila take rest. Sita asked in which thoughts she is when urmila narrate her All regrets. Sita said,” it is better to correct your mistake than to regret. Wait a minute.” She went to the kitchen and return with a bowl full of medicinal paste. She insist her to apply that to laxman’ s wound. Sita accompany her to thw ashram. In the ashram laxman is trying ti hid his wound from but he get to know about it. He was leaving to get some medicines but stoped seeing sita and urmila. He also asked urmila to apply the medicine on the wound on understamding sita’s direction. Ram and sita leave. Urmila walked forward but take her steps back again she walk forward with courage. Laxman didn’t notice her. Without diverting his attention urmila start applying the paste on his wound. Laxmn was taken aback.
Laxman(L) : what are you doing?

Urmila(U): can’t you see? I am applying medicine on your wound
L: no no no need of it.
U: very nice you can get angry without any need but when you need medicines you are saying no.
L: very good. First hurt then care.
U: ( sad).

L: I am sorry i didn’t want to hurt you.
U: no i am sorry for my deeds. In seeing sita didi i was so traumatized that i blame and hurt you.
L: i can understand. You love sita bhabhi a lot. For sure i should have reacted the same being on yor place.
U: yiu know what just like you love ram bhaiya, i love my sita didi. I can’t think even think of living without her.( a tear rolles down her cheeks)
L: ( changing the topic) you kniw this is first time.
U: first time, this wound. Didn’t you get hurt before?
L: this is the first time someone dares to use my own knife to hurt me.
U: ( shies) I should leave now. Sita didi must be waiting.
L: but why……..

Pracap- laxman smiling at urmila when ram notice him. In the palace the three sita’s sister together exclaimed,” devrani”

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