An Unsung Heroine Urmila (Part 4)

Urmila shout again,” didi, please stop.” Sita stoped and turn toward urmila and get suprised on seening urmila,” urmila! What are you doing here.” ” Didi iam here to fetch flowers but what are you doing here. You were in the gauri mandir when I leave.” urmila was suprised to see sita tensed. She calmed her and said,” why are you so tensed di?” Sita said,” nothing urmila.” And came forward to hug her. Urmila smile and came forward too. They were going to hug each other but a sword came between them and cut the throat of sita who fell on ground. Laxman. He was laxman and it was his sword. He pushes urmila back. ” Oh urmila, please save me, save me from him.” Sita cried. Urmila was in a state of shock. She couldn’t move for a second. But she readily regain her senses and stand up. She runs to help her sister but laxman hold her. She stare at him angrily but he warned her not to move forward.

She protest seeing sita’s condition but laxman didn’t let her move. Urmila cried,” how can you do this? What kind of person you are? My sister is dying there. Please leave me I request you.” Laxman didn’t listen to her pleads and said,” just stay still and don’t move.” ” what! She is your bhabhi. You killed her. Your respect and care for her was a joke? You are a liar, killer. Leave me.” She cried and and get faint. Laxman hold her and try to wake her up.” Urmila, please calm down. Don’t worry. Bhabhi is safe. Look there. Its demon.” Shocked urmila looked on as the body of sita get transformed into a demon nd died. ” it means sita didi..” ” yes she is alright. Don’t worry.” Laxman said holding her to calm her down.

He explained how he saw her going to the jungle and a person following her. When he follow that person he get to know that he was a demon transforming into sita to kill urmila. Urmila,” thank you thank you very much sumitranandan. I shall be indebted to you for my whole life.” Laxman said,” it’s was my duty. Let’s go to the palace as evryone shall be waiting for you.” just then urmila remember her flower basket. Laxman rushed to get it. When he returned urmila’s eye were wet. As she try to stand up she was about to fall but laxman hold her hand and help her to stand up. They get an eyelock. Holding urmila’s hand and the flower basket., laxman reached the palace where everyone was waiting for them to return. All ladies rush to urmila and helo her to sit on the bed. What happen urmila, are you ok, why did you go alone, you should ask us to accompany you. Everyone start questioning her. But urmila waas silent, lost somewhere else. Mandavi shouts,” rakshasi, we are asking something answer us.” Urmila said, ” don’ t worry i’m alright.

Because sumitrnandan i am alive, otherwise.” And she narrate the whole incident to them. Sita joined hand and said to laxman,” how can i say thanks to you for saving my sister.” ” no no bhabhi you are making me other by saying this. It was my duty.” Laxman said. Ram said,” iam proud of iu laxman but” turning to janak” it is a matter of concern maharaja, not only for the royal family but for the whole mithila.” Ram and laxman follows janak to the court. As laxman was leaving urmila noticed a wound on laxman’ s hand.

Precap- urmila moves forward some steps then take that steps back. Laxmn didn’t notice her.

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  1. Aman

    Ya this story was shown in zee tv ramayan and in the book Sita’s sister

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  3. Aman

    nice ff

  4. Pragyashree

    Yes you are right. I tried to recreate it with the same plot

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    Wow!!!! It is lovely dearie….. waiting for the next…. ♥♥♥

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    Waiting for d next epi di… It’s very interesting

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