An Unsung Heroine Urmila (Part 3)

The four sisters rush to the palace to start preparation of sita’s wedding. The whole palace was decorated with flowers and earthen lamps. Each corner was enlighten. Not only the palace but the whole mithi was decorated like a bride. Even the poorest of poor decorate their home. The land of wisdom has shown its creativity. Sita’s sister were decorating her room beautifully. They were happy but a thought was hidden inside them which was sorrow. Shrutkirti said,” with how much joy we are decorating this room but in few days for whom we are decorating will not present here. This will be a place of her thoughts that will make us feel sad because of the separation”.on listening this mandavi also get sad. Urmila hug shrutkirti and said,” choti, sita didi will remain in our heart and when we make space for someone in hearr no can take them nor she can depart from there. It is better to enjoy the present and make it unforgettable withsome good memories.” Trio smiles and hug each other and get back to their work. Urmila remember her childhood with her sisters. Only she knows how she was feeling abiut her separation from sita. She worth more than her own life for urmila. But behind her full of life nature she knows how ti hide her own greif to make someone else happy. Thus what make her a heroine.

It was morning and the prepartion were on full speed. Urmila was running behind sunaina and follow her to the room and asked her,” from early morning i’m following you but you are not listening me ,ma” sunaina replied,” i’m sorry sona but i’ very busy. I have to check arrangemnts, check lists, oh your father was asking for something i forgot.” ” stop ma stop, i know you are busy but you asked me ti recall you about the flowers for mahadev’s puja. Should i fetch it from jungle.” Urmila asked. Sunaina hit her head and exclaimed,” oh mahadev, how can i forget about that. Ya yes please go fast and take someone along you.” Urmila said” don’t worry i will fetch it alone and will be back soon.” ” ok but take care.” Urmila rushed toward jungle. She was still in her thoughts about sita but was happy for her to get her choice as her life partner. She noticed the flowers she need and slowly start collecting it. As she was singing and collecting the flowers, some sound of footsteps running away from her caught her attention. She turned back but no one was there. She leaves her basket near the plant and follow the sound of footsteoa. As she aporoaches the footsteps she a lady was running. Urmila recognizes her and shout,”sita didi”

Precap- sita came forward to hug urmila but a sword came between them and cut the throat of sita.

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    Nice epi! loved it. Precap is keeping m e curious, plz continue…

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    nice ☺

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    Lovely update….. and excited for precap….. post it soon dear…

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