An Unsung Heroine- Urmila (Part 24)

In raavan’s palace

Meghnad: how can this happen? He is alive?

Kaikesi: don’t worry son. I will find out the reason behind his life to come back.

Kaikesi sees in the magical water and saw a lady sleeping (Urmila)

Kaikesi: this is the reason.

Raavan: who is she mata?

Kaikesi: he is Laxman’s wife. Just because of her pativrata powers Laxman is alive.

Meghnad: then I will kill her.

Kaikesi: no son no. your wife’s pativrta is already protecting you so you have to kill Laxman. Then you will get married to this Urmila. By marrying her your powers will increase and no one can kill you.

Meghnad: Ok mata.

Sulochna overheard everything. Meghnad tell her that he is doing everything for her father.

Sulochna in her heart: In a relation faith is most important. If I am a pativrta then it is because I had faith in you. But you already broke my trust by telling our secret to Pitasri. And if some trust was alive, you break it today by accepting the idea. Today I get to know that it was not a fight between you and sumitranandan Laxman but it is between me and his wife. But I am very happy that her faith is still living and growing. Till now I want that my father-in-law’s kingdom won the battle. I know that I have to suffer but now I really want that Adharma got destroyed completely and Dharma rule the earth. Because it has many faiths behind. Future should get to know if a lady’s respect is hurt the whole world had to suffer. Supporting a Adharma is also Adharma…………

She broke into tears.

There in the battlefield Meghnad and Laxman come infront of each other.

Meghnad laugh like a cloud and: Wow! You get up so early. How much you are hurting your wife. You didn’t let her watch the scenery. Listen Laxman! You need not to worry about your wife. After this battle get over I will bring your wife here too. Sita will get a companion and I will get a devoted wife.

Laxman: (shouted more than the cloud’s thundering. Due to anger his eyes get red) Mehgnad!!
How dare you say this about my wife? You included my wife in this battle. I will not leave you.
Till now you were safe because of your dharma towards your father but now you disrespect a lady. This is the end of you Meghnad.

Laxman and Meghnad had a horrible fight. Of course Laxman won the battle. Getting back to his favorite sleep give him extra power.

The sequence of events followed. Ram killed Raavan and come back to Ayodhya with Sita and Laxman. In the main door where everyone welcome them Laxman’ s eyes were searching for her heart. He want to come back to life after fourteen years of separation. Sita noticed it. He tells Ram.

Ram: (to laxman) Laxman! Go and wake Urmila. She shall be waiting for you.

Laxman: But Bhaiya…..

Sita: It is my order Laxman. Go fast I want to meet my sister.

Laxman: as you order bhabhi.

Laxman was shivering. He was going to meet her again. She will be fine? She will be able to recognize me? She will be waiting for me. I have to go fast.
Laxman come in front of their private chamber. He sees Urmila. She has the same glow on her face that she had when he left her. But her face is now covered with the scars of tears. It shows how much she cries after him. The wind blows her hairs that were open from the day he left.

Tears start rolling down his cheeks. He wants to run and hug her as tight as he could. He wants to see her beautiful face closely. He wants to check her health. He wants to tell her about the war. He wants to tell her that kajal has to be corrected. How will she express her feeling? Laxman put his foot inside but pulled it back after some thing shocked him.
He was not able to enter his chamber. He understands and starts praying to Nindra devi.
Urmila awakes. She gets up. She saw her Saumitr. She gets off of her bed. She stands in front of Laxman.

He was praying.

She was staring.

Her tears rolled.

His prayers were being answered.

She tries to touch Laxman to check whether it is real or just her dream.

She stops.

She has to clean her tears otherwise he will get angry.

She cleans.

She put her hand forward and only a single word.


Urmila! He opens his eyes.

Ignoring the rule between them their tears jumped out.

They hug each other. More tightly than ever.

They don’t want to get separated from this hug.

Laxman adore her open hairs. And she just…………: Saumitr!

Their love was making the surroundings dance. It seems that all of them are celebrating their reunion.

His eyes were just saying that now they will never get separated again.

Her eyes were requesting him not to leave her.

What can I write now? Their tears were enough to describe the happiness. There are no words invented to describe this moment.

The only one who can describe this is Laxmila. Those who know the pain can describe it.

Thank you so much for reading!! I hope you like it. Please donot forget to write your views.

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