An Unsung Heroine- Urmila (Part 22)

Sumitra takes her to shiv temple.

Sumitra: I am from kashi and shiv is my aradhya and if I am not wrong your too.

Urmila: yes ma

Sumitra: you trust him right?

Urmila: yes ma. Whatever he will do will right.

Sumitra: then listen to me carefully. In these sequence of incedent did you ntice something? Something that shows that all this is important.

Urmila: I didn’t understand.

Sumitra: I will not go to the fact what Kaikeyi did is saying, but didn’t you think why she asked for fourteen years of banishment for Ram?

Urmila: yes ma. She can ask for fifeteen or ten. Why she asked for fourteen years?

Sumitra: because something great has to happen. Don’t you think why she asked for banishment. She can make bharat king with Ram by her side. This all indicates that something very big for the sake or destruction of humanity has to be done in these fourteen years. And we all are just bricks that will make that wall. You know when you will know what you have contributed in this work then your all sorrow will end. That great work will be done by Ram or Sita or may be Laxman. Till then you should wait and watch.

Urmila: but ma. Because that why we have to lose them?

Sumitra: sometimes to get something we have to lose something. That is what destiny has decided for us. Everyone is contributing in this. You are giving your love; I and kaushlaya did our sons and kaikeyi didi her respect. And when history will be written our sacrifices will pay back. Because of you Laxman will be known as the best brother. You as an ideal wife.

Urmila: no ma I don’t want to be known as an ideal wife. That rank is for sita didi. She is the best wife.

Sumitra: you are right Urmila. You can be forgotten for your sacrifice. World will not acknowledge your sacrifice.

Urmila: I don’t want that. I just want the motive of my sacrifice to complete and saumitr can complete all duties as a brother.

Sumitra: that’s so sweet of you Urmila, but when I make food we always appreciate the masalas. The presence of salt is not even notice or appreciates but its absence is always felt.

Sumitra kisses on her head and leave Urmila in her thoughts.

It’s after two days of everyone’s return from chitrakoot. Urmila didn’t sleep from last ten days. There in the forest Laxman is trying hard to stay awake. They both didn’t sleep since their separation. Both because of their duties. Laxman stay awake to guard ram and Sita. In the palace, since mandavi is with bharat Urmila kept herself busy in daily chores. In the forest Sita noticed the efforts of Laxman ask him to sleep for sometime but Laxman, “bhabhi if I went to sleep and at that time something happen then the motive for coming with you will not complete.” In the palace sumitra ask Urmila to sleep but she said that she doesn’t need sleep. The health of both of them was deterioting day by day. Urmila was in tension that how Laxman will manage his favorite sleep. And Laxman was worrying how Urmila will live without him.




At night when Ram and Sita were sleeping and Laxman was guarding outside their hut, suddenly a large amount of light came in front of Laxman.

Laxman: oh! It’s intolerable.

Suddenly, a very beautiful lady came in front of him.

Lady: Laxman! Open your eyes.

Laxman: (surprised) who are you devi?

Lady: I am Nindra. Nindra goddess

Laxman joined his hands and bow his head in front of her as she bless him.

Laxman: I beg your pardon but what bring you here?

Nindra: you brought me here. Look at yourself Laxman. You didn’t sleep from last ten days. Your health is detrioting and if you didn’t sleep then you will definitely die my child.

Laxman: I know that devi. But what can I do? For me it is better to die than to not complete my duty.

Nindra: Laxman! If you will die then what will happen to your brother and his wife? Don’t you think of that?

Laxman: yes devi, I forgot that. But is their anyway to solve this problem?

Nindra: you have to sleep Laxman.

Laxman: no I can’t do that.

Nindra: then there is only one way. Someone have to take your sleep.

Laxman: how is this possible?

Nindra: I will take your sleep and give it to that person and then he will sleep both for you and oneself.

Laxman: now I understand.

Nindra: but Laxman do you know someone who can do such a great sacrifice? Who will not care for his own life for you?

Laxman: (without rethinking) Urmila! Urmila will definitely do this for me. My wife will do this.

Nindra: are you sure Laxman?

Laxman: I am hundred percent sure.

Nindra: then I should ask her.

Laxman: Devi does tell me, what she reply?

Nindra: ok

Devi Nindra then go to Ayodhya’s palace where Urmila was worshiping god Shiva in her room.

Nindra: Urmila! I am Nindra Devi. I came here on request of Laxman to give his sleep to you. Will you accept it?

Urmila: what are you asking devi? My lord asks me to take his sleep. This is my fortune. I will definitely accept it.

Nindra: Are u sure? To sleep is as equal to death as your health will also degrade like Laxman’s

Urmila: Devi! The Urmila who is standing in front of you is just a statue of her who didn’t have any life. My life remains with him. And if he is ok then I will be healthy.

Nindra: I am feeling proud that the creator gives me such a great opportunity to be a bridge between the great couple. I bless you Urmila that while sleeping for these fourteen years you will get to see your husband wherever he goes. You will be able to see whatever is going in his life.

Urmila: thank you Devi. You have given me my life. I am proud that I am a part of the great journey.

Nindra: Laxman has asked me to first let him know your answer. I am going to Laxman till then whatever you want to complete it.

Devi nindra disappear. Urmila rushes to Shrutkirti’s room. Shrutkirti open the door and get surprised seeing Urmila standing.

Urmila: listen. Without asking any question will you do one work for me?

Shrutkirti: yes didi

Urmila: at the end of each month light a lamp in my room and place it on the windows. Ok

Shrutkirti: Ok didi but………..

Urmila run from their without listening to her. Shrutkirti get tensed but go to sleep.

Urmila then goes to Sumitra. She wakes her up.

Urmila: (hugging) thank you ma. Today I got to know what you were trying to tell me. I understand everything.

Sumitra smiles as Urmila rushes out.

Urmila: all my work gets complete but…………….

There Nindra Devi meets Laxman and narrates everything to him.

Laxman: I told you that she will never protest.

Nindra devi goes to Urmila

Nindra: Are you ready?

Urmila: Devi I have one request. Will you please secure this room so that no men can enter this room?

Nindra: do you think this place is not safe for you?

Urmila: nothing like that. But I don’t want that in future anyone question on my character. I don’t want Saumitr to be defamed by anyone.

Nindra: Alright I give this room my protection and from now no Men can enter this until you yourself take Laxman inside. Remember Urmila in this fourteen years your eyes will be close as laxman’s eyes will be open and if his eyes closed then your will be open.

Urmila: Thank you Devi!

Urmila lie down on her bed and a light came and Urmila goes to her long sleep.

Nindra: I bless you Urmila that you will be also known as Nindra devi.

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  1. Awesome..

  2. Really awesome but one thing I want to add that in a twisted version of nidra devi she asks nidra devi to give her a boon that her husband forgets her for these 14 years, only remember her when he returns. In nidra devi poem it is said, he looked quite change so he made her clear that he is his husband , he combs her hair and ties it. But I think nidra devi is sleep godess only and she is remembered for her nidra
    Anyways, I want to ask if in your ff bhardavi left together for nandigram

    1. Pragyashree

      yes bhai Mandavi left with bharat for Nandigram however she sometimes visit Palace to help shrutkirti. Thank you for your comment

      1. Arnasharma26

        Me too …write it didu…

  3. Also I read that Sita gave her a boon that she can do 3 works simultaneously so she kept sleeping, serving mothers, painting, studying as she was a painter and scholar

    1. Pragyashree

      Really! This is totally new to me. Where did you read this?

      1. Arnasharma26

        Me too…i read it too bhaiya…

    2. Jayani

      Never heard of dis bhaiya… Thnx for d info

  4. Arnasharma26

    Pyaara pyaara….loved it di….so cute just like u ….the conversation of urmi n sumi…..superb???
    Nidra devi epi….hats off ????
    Update soon….love u ???

    1. Pragyashree

      Thank you so much!! Love u too three

  5. its really great.
    update soon.

  6. it’s really nice.
    update plzzz

  7. Jayani

    Asum epi pragya di… D convo b/w sumi nd mila was asum… In dis scene v get 2 know abt d understanding b/w lakshmila… Dis is called true luv…Another emotional epi di… I can’t control any more di… Pls bring sum fun also… ???… If u hav planned for more emotional epis den 5n… But try 2 bring sum fun scenes also… Can’t wait 2 know y urmi says 2 keerthi 2 lite a lamp at d end of every month… Pls don’t drag d suspence for long di… Can’t control my eagerness… Waiting for d next epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

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