An Unsung Heroine Urmila (Part 2)

Second episode of my fan fiction.
Sita and urmila reached the gauri mandir. As a matter of coincidence ram and laxman were also present there. Both girls and boys greet each other. Urmila give her introduction to ram( this was the first time they were meeting),” jijasri I’ m janaknandini urmila, sita didi’ s younger sister.” Ram greet her and said,” i know urmila you are a look a like of sita.” Urmila looks at laxman and recall how he behave at the time of swayamvar with guru parshuram and quickly replied,” thank you jijasri, but I am wondering why brothers are not like that. I mean your younger brother didn’t have any of your quality.” Learning the taunts of urmila laxman said,” i don’ t want to be like ram bhaiya. He is the best in the whole world.” Urmila opened her mouth to reply but laxman speaks again to sita,” bhabhi, yesterday’ dinner sent by your mata was really tasty.

Who cooked it?” ” ofcourse my didi. She is the best the cook.” Urmila replied fast. Laxman sighs and said,” thank god youdidn’t cooked it. Otherwise it shall be mixed with red peper. Urmila get irritated’ ” i will see you later. By the way jijasri hiw was the food, do you like it?” ” very tasty” ram replied. It make sita shy and urmila smiles mischiefly. Meanwhile suddenly mandavi and shrutkirti came running and takes sita’ s hand and start rotating. In excitement they didn’ t even notice ram and laxman. When they notice them they stop and try to regain their breathes. Mandavi said,” sorry jijasri , we were so excited that we didn’t even notice you. I am maharaja kushdwhaja’ s elder daughter mandavi and she is my younger sister shrutkirti.” Turning to sita” didi guess with what big news i’ m here” urmila guesses,” maharaja agreed for didi and jijasri’ marriage.” Mandavi nods in approval. The trio sisters hug sita. Laxman rejoicely hug ram and congrutulate him. Turning to ram and laxman mandavi said,’ one more good news for you two is that maharaja will be in mithila in five days whereas your brothers will join you in two days.” Laxman exclaimed,” oh really! It means i have to start practicingdance to teach bharat bhaiya.” Urmila taunted,” you know dance as well.” Balancing the situation mandavi joined her hands and said,” sorry jihasri, all four of us has to reach palace to begin preparation please allow us.” They all greet each other.

Precap- everyone is in hurry in the preparation and urmila running behind sunaina

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  1. nice FF

  2. IS siya ke ram dvd available in market

  3. Amalina

    Awesome ? plz continue! Are you gonna update daily? Or like twice a week or something

  4. Padmaja

    Wow!!!! It is awesome dear……. Good one….And pls make it a bit longer….

  5. Pragyashree

    Hopefully i will be regular

  6. Jayani

    Thank u for d update di… D story is very interesting nd plz try 2 make it longer next tym… Waiting for d next epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

  7. NABANITA626

    Nice…..please continue this yaar…☺???

  8. Pragyashree

    Thank you very much. I was afraid that long ff will be boring but thank you for your comments. I’ll make sure the next to be longer.

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