An Unsung Heroine Urmila (Part 12)

All four girls stand behind nets and watch. As the grooms were about to enter their eyes met their bride’s even behind the nets. Brides shy away and grooms smile. The grooms enter the mandap and take their places. Priest announce for brides. The brides came. Everyone was spellbound by their beauty. They came forward to their respective groom with their eyes on husband’s feet. Priest ask grooms to put garland in the brides neck. First ram pu garland in sita s neck. His brothers followed. Sita put garland in ram s neck. Her sisters followed. The shower of flowers keep going. All of them take their places.

( I will just narrate the rituals by laxmila side. Please assume the same for the rest.)
Customs start. Laxman put his hand forward as told by tje priest. He chants some mantras and asked urmila to put her hand on laxman’s. Laxman asked urmila,” are you sure na?” urmila smiles and put her hand on his and said,” always”. The procedures proceed and janak and sunaina does the kanyadaan. The couple stand up for the seven rounds. In each they give one promise to each other. The rounds end and they join hand to pranam agnidev. Laxman said in his heart,” i’ll give one more promise urmila. I will always make sure tjat your trust is not broken.” and smiles seeing urmila. Both of them sat down. Laxman fills urmila’s mang with sindoor. Priest anounce them as husband and wife. All four couples join each other and take blessings of elders. Rveryone was extremely happy. The couples get down from mandaap. But,…….

.what happen ……
The shoes of the grooms were not there.
Shtrughn : where are our shoes? We take it off here only.
Friends* of mithila sisters had a great laugh.
Bharat : why are you all laughing?
Rama* : because we have your shoes .
Ram : we did any mistakes?
Lata* : no we steal it by our wish.

Laxman: stealing is a sin. You all commit a sin.
Laxmana*: its a ritual that the bride’s sisters steal the shoes of groom and get gift for returning it.
Rama* : but you are taking all sisters at once. So we being their friends complete this ritual.
Gifts came from groom’s side and were given to the girls. They retirn the shoes. Sunaina and chandrabhaga take the couples with them. The grooms and brides break each others fast. A dasi came and ask sunaina to come as a lady has come to meet her. Sunaina gies to the lady.

Lady : pranam maharani
Sunaina : pranam katyayni
Katyayni : maharani i had seen the couples . they look really good together but i have seen your daughters birth chart.
Sumaina : what happen what does the stars tell about sita and urmila’s future.
Katyayni: they will have great love in their married life but sita’s life has vanvaas.
Sunaina: what!vanvaas!!
Urmila hears that while standing behind the doors. She get shocked
Katyayni: don’ t worry maharani. She has a great future. Vanvaas will make are great and respecrable in the world and give her a status like a devi. She will be known by these vanvaas.
Urmila sighs and leave. Laxman was also hearing it behind a window.
Sunaina : and urmila

Laxman get more attentive
Katyayni : urmila’s life is connected withsita’s. The time.when sita will be away from her she will have to bear a great pain of husband’s separation. Sacrifice is her life and her aim.
Laxman gets shocked and worried. He leaves.
In night everyone gather for dinner.

Sunaina : son ram where is laxman?
Ram : he told me that he is going out and will return. He shall be in his room.
Sunaina: urmila go and find laxman bring him fir dinner.
Urmila : meee?
Sunaina: you are his wife. Do your duty.

Urmila leaves to find laxman : where can he be? I searched the whole palaca but he is no where. Yes he must have visited his favourite place. Guari mandir. She inform her mother and leave for guari mandir.

Precap – laxman was siting on the stairs and was upset.

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  1. Astra

    awesome narration of story… keep going dear..

    1. Pragyashree

      Thanks dear

  2. Jayani

    It’s asum nd d part where d mithila friends say dat dey won’t return d shoes, it reminded me of dat song in hum aapke hain koun… Nd I seriously want 2 c d lakshmila conversation… Dus urmi go for vanvaas in dis ff??? Waiting for d next epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Jayani

      Nd ur dp is asum pragya di

    2. Pragyashree

      No dear urmila will remain in the palace away from laxman.

      1. Jayani

        Oh k… Thank u for clearing doubt

  3. Pragyashree

    Thanks dear and urmila will remain in palace

  4. Lovely ….loved it…update soon . Very eager!!!

    1. Pragyashree

      Thanks shanaya. I will update it soon.

  5. Pragyashree

    Hey everyone as i wrote in my wall post. I shall be on leave for 10 to 15 days. But plzzzz stay tune for the next. I need you all for my ff.

    1. Jayani

      Waiting for 10 – 15 days 2 get over asap

  6. Pragyashree

    Is it any way to make group for a particlar show on tu. Some minutes before i read all the comments on skr last episode so i get excited to see such a big followers. Plz tell me jayani, padmaja, astra, amalina, aman and others( i am bad at remembering names).

    1. Jayani

      Even idk di hw 2 do dat coz I joined dis grp only in sep… Sry cudnlt help u?

    2. Padmaja

      I don’t think so.. Tu don’t have such facility I think…

  7. Padmaja

    Lovely part.. and I liked the part when friends stole their shoes… pls comeback asap dearie.. waiting foe lakshmilla covo.. will be waiting for u????????

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