An Unsung Heroine Urmila (Part 1)

This is my first fan fiction. Sorry for any mistakes.

This was the time after sita’ sswayamvar. Both prince ram and laxman along with their guru bids a farewell to janak and leave for ashram. Sita was standing in the balcony thinking of ram, suddenly urmila came with a potrait of ram nd said,” Look didi, how beautiful it is?” Sita nods in approval. But mandavi looks at it and said” it is incomplete. Give it to me i’ ll complete it.” And snatched it from urmila and went to the next room. Urmila observed sita and says,” oh didi your heart is throbing fast! Don’ t worry maharaja dashratha qull approve yours and jijashri’ mariage.” ” Iu don’ t know urmila, when we are in love with someone the fear of losing the loved one is uncontroled. When you’ l be in” No no not again didi” urmila cuts sita’ s line” it’ s your marriage not mine.” ” yes, one should have courage to be in love with rakhshasi.” Mandavi shows the potrait of ram along with sita and said,” ram is incomplete without sita just like siya ins incomplete without ram.” They all hug sita. Just then urmila poped up with an idea of going to gauri mandir but mandavi and shrutkirti refuse as they were ordered by their mother to cook food. Sita and urmila proceed. Urmila said,” it is so good didi, you are going to marry the one you want to.” ” yes urmila its my good fate to have ram as my husband but what kind of husband do you want” sita asked. ” one who loves me but can debate with me, one who can give up anything for hys duty, whom i can support and who supports me. ” urmila turned backward and said,” and the most important the one who doesn’t like sleep” and start laughing.

Precap- laxman and urmila teasing each other.

Hey friends I waited a long ti write this ff. A few minutes ago I was a silent reader of all ff which has waken this passion on me. Please inform me about mistakes so that i can improve. Please don’ t forget to write your valuable comments
** sorry if it was boring. I am trying

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  1. nice one. Good try.

  2. Aman

    Nice ff, ?????????????

  3. Pragyashree

    Thank you so much

  4. NABANITA626

    Nice start….waiting for your next epi……..
    Are you a silent reader of skr page?

  5. Pragyashree

    Yes as i was not registered but honestly saying all ff are amazing. I am a die hard fan of skr and its ff

  6. Amalina

    Grt plz continue!?

  7. Padmaja

    Lovely dear…. pls continue…. And make it a bit longer… ???

  8. Jayani

    Thank u sooo much for dis ff pragya di… It is great 2 hav another fan fic abt urmi

  9. Pragyashree

    All credit goes to siya ke ram for highlighting the characters which were somewhat forgotton in our history.

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