The Unspoken Words [TS] – Part 2

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This the 2nd part of the ts.

Recap-: sanskar’s lifestyle amd his meet with swara.

…….The Unspoken Words…….

Sanskar woke up with a smile as he got a dream of swara. He took the pilow and hugged it.
Sanskar-[thinks] swara……oh my god i just can’t stop myself from thinking about her…..[smiles whole heartedly] she was so beautiful….her eyes they were deep as ocean ahhhh…..i just wish to swim in them….her cherry pink lips i just want to kiss….them [realizes what he thought] Sanskar how can u think like that huhh…how can u think to kiss her[blushes] ahhhh….but her lips would be soo soft ahhh….[gets angry on himself] mr sanskar maheshwari u r becoming shameless day by day…..huh…but i can’t stop thinking about her…do i like no no how can i like her[thinks] but love at first site oh god i will become maddd now papa u only have to help me [pouts]

sanskar moves out of the bed. And stands in front of his parent’s photo.
Sanskar-[thinks] papa now u only have to help me….

He starts thinking about the convo he had with his father about love.

12 yr old sanskar was sitting beside his father on the beach. Sanskar shakes his father and asks something.
Lil sanskar- [signs] papa what is love.
His father smiles and says.
Father- beta love is a pious and pure relative b/w two people. In that we don’t point out each other mistakes but helps to nend that. We are always try to be there for the person we love. Well there r different types of love like a love of a mother, a brother, father, sister,
teacher, friend and wife or husband. But one thing to remember is that all these types of love are what makes us complete. Sometimes a husband/wife can love u like all these people. But sanskar love is what makes us an imperfectly perfect person for the people we love or the people who loves us. And yes remember [giggles] when it comes to wives or girls…acc. To me the girl we love would have the power to make our stop. Would makeus feel happy and content. We will feel peace whenever they r beside us. They will makes us feel complete Sanskar They would give everything but in return would only wish for some love and care. So sanskar never hurt a girl ok[sanskar nods] that’s like my Sanskar …..promise me sanskar u will become a nice person.
Sanskar -[signs] promise papa but the things u spoke r very difficult to understand [pouts]
Father-[laughs] sanskar when u will fall in love then only u will understand. But whenever u need to know if that is ur love then close ue eyes and let ur heart decide.
Sanskar-[smiles and signs] u r the best papa
Father- and u r the best son.
Both father son laugh and spend some quality time.

Flashback …….

Sanskar -[signs] papa mamma see now i am big man i am good na…..yes i am good as i am ur son[giggles] self praising ehehehe…but is she my love papa.
Sanskar closes his eyes. He thinks about swara. He sees swara smiling, her helping that old woman , how she scolded him ……he also sees her holding his hand. And at last he sees swara coming near him and saying….I Love You Sanskar….

Sanskar shot open his eyes. His mouth was wide open.
Sanskar- [excited] hawwwww…..
I love her i love her yes i love…..and its love at first side awwwwww …….oh my god i want to tell her ….[realizes] but y would she accept she doesn’t even know me and i am also dumb…..someone like her why would love a dumb….[he smiles sadly] leave it firstly i would become your friend swara[smiles]

Thinking this he went downstairs, ate his BF and went to his office.

Sanskar’s office……

Sanskar was sitting in his cabin. He called arjun. After sometime arjun came.
Arjun- yes sir
Sanskar-[signs] arjun here take this [gives a paper] this is no. Of a no. Plate of someone’s car. I want to know every single thing about that person. And yes i want each and every detail till evening.
Arjun- ok sir…
Sanskar-[signs] now you can go
Arjun nods his head and goes. Sanskar starts working with a smile on his face and thinks about swara.

Arjun knocks the door. Sanskar rings a bell to let him know that he is allowing him to come in.
Sanskar-[signs] any news?
Arjun- yes sir so that car was of a girl named swara gadodia 25 yrs old , is the head interior designer of the company….interior and decors…lives with her parents a single child. Is very helpful in good terms with her colleagues. And a bold girl. And the last thing her office timings end at 6:30 pm. And yes here’s her pic sir[hands over a pic to sanskar].
Sanskar takes the pic.
Sanskar stares the pic lovingly.

Arjun-sir i hope u r satisfied with tge complete info…..[sees Sanskar staring swara’s pic] and yes sir she is very much single.

Hearing this sanskar quickly looked towards arjun in excitement.
Sanskar -[signs] really?
Arjun-[smirks] yes sir
Arjun-[smirks] yes sir and u both will look heavenly together.
Sanskar-[smiles and signs] i know [realizes] no no i mean there is nothing like that arjun vo i just…um…
Arjun-[smirks] oh plz sir the great sanskar maheshwari who doesn’t talk with girls unless its related to work. And now he asks for info of a girl and is staring her pic with so much love. I am not stupid sir…..well girl is really nice.[smirks]
Sanskar blushes hearing this.
Arjun- [dramatically] oh my god u r blushing this is breaking news…..well acha now tell me u like her
Sanskar-[blushes] no
Arjun-[confused] then
Sanskar-[blushes] i love her
Arjun[teases]- ohooooo love….u r in loveeeeeee….

Sanskar blushes.
Arjun-[teases] sanskar and swara sitting under a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g……lallalalalalal
Sanskar-[blushes and fake anger] arjunnnn
Arjun-[giggles] ok now tell me sir have thought a way to interact with her.
Arjun-ohhh ummmm let me think [thinks] ahhh yes i have a plan
Sanskar-[excited ] what
Arjun-[teases] i will only tell u when u will give me 1 day off
Sanskar-[glares him] [signs] u r blackmailing me now arjunnnn
Arjun y want to hear the plan or not or should i go
Sanskar-ok tell me
Arjun- u call and appoint her as the interior designer to design ur cabin and the meeting hall.
Sanskar-but i don’t want any designing.
Arjun-oh god just say u want then she will….
Sanskar-[smiles brightly] she will come to the office and we both can spend some time together.
Arjun- and after that u both will become friends and after sometime u both would be married and have 2 children 1 boy and 1 girl[sanskar shockingly looked towards him ] boy’s name aarav and girl’s name samaira and yes i will become arjun uncle for themand would bring chocos and toys for them. And after sometime they both will also marry some people. And u both would be old by then cherishing ur old memories. Oh god so romantic. Ahhhhh…[crys] i also want to marry.
Sanskar was looking towards him unbelievably.
Sanskar-[signs] r u mad
Arjun-[smiles sheepishly] no okay now i would go and inform her office byeee..
Sanskar-[signs] ok…
The whole day passed like this sanskar was excited to meet swara. Where as swara was not even thinking about him.

Next day….
Sanskar’s office….

Today swara was going to come to Sanskar’s office. He specially took more time to get ready today. For sure he was looking dashing butthat innocence in his eyes was enough to make anyone fall for him. Arjun was sitting in his cabin they both were waiting for swara. Sanskar had asked about swara for more than 10 times in 15 min.

Sanskar- [signs] how i am looking
Arjun- handsome….y r u asking this
Sanskar-[blushes] well swara is coming today so ….
Sanskar-[sees his watch] when will she come
Arjun- idk
Sanskar-but u should know na
Arjun- but idk…now sit quietly
Sanskar-[again sees his watch] when will she come
Arjun-[irritated] I DON’T KNOW!!
Sanskar- [sadly] ok
Arjun-[sighs heavily] good
Sanskar- i am looking fine na pakka
Arjun-[frustrated] oh goddddd yesu r looking really nice i have a man crush on u
Sanskar- [shocked] what
Arjun- [irritated] yes i am feeling to kiss u….u know what come here.
Arjun grabbed sanskar and was teasing him. Sanskar was wiggling and trying to come out of his grip. Arjun leaned towards sanskar and suddenly the door got opened and swara said.
Swara- may i co….[sees sanskar and arjun’s position] ahhhh!!
She quickly covers her eyes.
Swara- ummm sir i….i…am swara gadodia the interior designer u called.
Arjun- [straightens himself] yes yes here come sit here.
Swara takes off the hands and sits on the chair she was feeling extremely awkward. Sanskar was lost seeing him.
Arjun- umm…firstly ms. Gadodia whatever u r thinking about us is wrong we r totally straight.Swara looks towards Sanskar, he innocently nods.
Swara- ummm….ok sir
Arjun explains about her works and both sanarj take her out and shows the meeting hall. They again come back to the cabin.
Arjun-ummm…so ms. Swara this is ur work
Swara-ok sir
Arjun-ok so u can start from day after tomorrow.
Sanskar glares him and signs swara notices doing him that.
Arjun-[understands Sanskar] no u start from tomorrow only.
Swara-ok [thinks] huhhh his boss is so rude didn’t even said anything and made me work for tomorrow hhhhhuuuhhhh chalo i also have to work na …..doesn’t matter.
Swara gets up and forwards her hand towards sanskar for
handshake. Sanskar fastly took her hand in his. Swara took her hand back after shaking.
Swara- ummm…ok sir now i would take ur leave.
Swara gets out of the room. Sanskar jumps in happiness and tightly hugs arjun. At that time only swara again enters and gets shocked seeing them.
Swara- ii…i….i just wanted to take my phone.
She quickly takes it and rushes out of the room.
Sanskar and arjun hits their head
Sanskar-[thinks] love u swara…[smiles]

Precap- lovely moments b/w swara and sanskar.


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