Unspoken Love. (Devakshi) part-9

Today is a very special day for Sonakshi.. (Want to know why? Then keep on reading!)
Sona is back from her lecture and is very excited and thrilled to meet Dev today!
She comes to her room, opens her closet filled with clothes and starts deciding what to wear! (Girls always have such problems! They take a lot of time to search for the perfect outfit! Specially for a date! 😉 Did I say Date?! Oh sorry a meet! Lets see if this turns out into a date or a boring meet!)
She starts putting outfits together! Wanna know what she picks out? Check out these links! (All these outfits look really pretty on her! We love all of them! Tell us which one is your fav in the comments down below and whichever outfit gets the maximum votes will be the winner! For today Sona’s outfit will be a secret! The outfit with maximum votes will be told in tomorrow’s episode! So let us know!!!)
Outfit 1 : https://sflores760.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/image13.jpeg
Outfit 2 : https://in.pinterest.com/pin/559853797399044945/
Outfit 3 : http://amfashiony.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/wpid-Tumblr-High-Waisted-Skirt-Outfits-2015-2016-5.jpg
Outfit 4 : http://www.goodbuynow.com/p/2016/02/cute-winter-outfits-tumblr-enkauktf.jpg
Outfit 5 : http://www.goodbuynow.com/p/2016/02/cute-winter-outfits-tumblr-enkauktf.jpg
Outfit 6 : http://ri.pinger.pl/pgr306/55777b69000b768f50349021/tumblr_m0tyuijpmz1r90v72o1_500_large.png

So finally Sona picks an outfit and starts doing all of her makeup!
Meanwhile, Dev is busy with his work and then he frees himself by 5! Dev goes back home, gets ready and turns to leave at 5:30 when…
Niki – Kahan jaa rahe ho bhaiyaa?!!!
Dev – Niki! None of your business!
Niki – Arey bhaiya! Kabhi toh bolke jaao!
Dev – Nahi batana na!
Niki – Pakka girlfriend hogiii
Dev – Client ka meeting haii baba!
(Suddenly Dev’s phone rings! Its Tina! When Dev tries to pick the phone up, the phone goes on speaker and Tina says, “Sir! Aaapko 6 ko Sona ma’am ke sath coffee peene jaana hai! So that’s the only break you have in today’s day because client aane wale hai! At 7:30”)
(Niki giggles)
Niki – Achaa bhaiyaa! Toh Sona hai aapki client?!!
Dev – Arey yaar! Sorry baba! Mujhe late ho raha hai.. Mai jaau?
Niki – Haa haa varna aapki “girlfriend” naraz ho jayegi!!
Dev – Shut up Niki!!
Saying so he leaves!
At the same time.. at around 5:30,
Elena – Itna sajj dhajjke kaha haan?!!
Sona – Arey bas coffee peene jaa rahi hu baba Dev ke sath!
Elena – Achaa!! Dev ke sathh??!!
Sona – Acha mai chalti hu byee!
Elena – Itni jaldi kya haii! Boyfriend ruk sakta hai…..
Sona – Pakana band karegi meri maa?!
Elena – Acha baba teekh haii! But ek shart par!
Sona – Kya?
Elena – Vapas aane ke baad jo bhi kuch hua vo mujhe bolna!!!
Sona – Haa baba okay! Ab jaau?
Elena – Haa haa! Byeee
Sona – Byeee
Sona leaves for the coffee shop.

In the coffee shop,
Dev: Yeh Sona kaha reh gayi?
(Its just 5:50pm. Maybe Dev is eager to meet Sona??!!)
Dev looks at his watch and says to himself “Abhi tak toh 6 bhi nahi baja!”
Sona comes in at sharp 6! All dressed up (In an outfit with the max votes)
They both settle down, And for the first time, Dev looks at Sona in amaze! He just stares at her….
Sona also stares and both share an eyelock.
KRPKAB music plays : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDeoQAu8Dzk
Sona – Umm Dev? I have to tell you something!
Dev: Lets order something first?
Sona – Ohh sure!
(They order. It arrives.)
Sona – Err.. Devvv?!
Dev – Yes Sona tell me?
Sona – Actuallyy… I… I…
Dev – Continue?
Sona – I don’t know how to say it Dev..
Dev – Tell me na? You can chill its okay
Sona –“ The hours I spend with you, I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. If I know what love is, it is because of you. I love you, Dev! I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you.” What will Dev’s reaction be?! Will the next episode be a heart breaking one or a romantic one?!
And this way the exciting episode ends! So guys! How did you like this episode?!! This was as promised, long and super exciting!! But.. stay tuned for the next episode also because the promo will excite you too!

Promo : Sona leaves Mumbai! And guess what! She doesn’t only leave Mumbai but also this country!

Let us know all of your views in the comments below! Don’t forget to let us know about the outfit as well! Stay tuned for the next super exciting episode! ;)

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  1. Nice episode

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  2. I guess dev says no that’s why sona left the country… And all the outfits r amazing

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  5. Superb precap.. outfit 6 is best… Horrible precap ? .. Egrly waiting to know why sona is leaving ?? .. Post next part soon.. when r u posting next part??

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  6. Hey plzz v dont want a heartbreaking episode..n ya sona is bit simple so i imagine her in outfit no. 6

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  7. Outfit 6 is best for sona…….
    Nd plz…..dev or sona ko separate mat karna…..
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  8. nice epi
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