Unspoken Love. (Devakshi) part-8


“Sonakshi Ma’am, aap for the first time kisi lecture ke liye late ho…” Shreya says to Sona
“Sorry Shreya!” Sona says to Shreya

“Isse pehle kabhi itna acha sapna aaya hi nahi” Sona says to herself.
This way then Sonakshi leaves for her lecture at a college! Her lecture went really smooth and the students enjoyed her lecture in spite of her being late! Sona still thinks of why she got late.. Because of my dream with Dev?! But why is this dream so good for me?! Is Dev more than a friend? No no Sona! He’s just your friend! And nothing else! Why are you thinking about him?!
Meanwhile Dev doesn’t get any such dream but he sure does think about Sona during his work.
The rest of the day was quite normal for both of those until… Niki actually gets Neha to know about her boyfriend! Niki was on the phone with Yash when Neha comes in her room! She hears Niki call Yash babe and everything of that sort! 😛

Neha tells Niki why she shouldn’t have a boyfriend at this age and she tells her to ac t her age! Niki understands why it is important and asks Yash for a breakup.
The days gets over and the new day starts with Dev getting a message from Sona :
Sona : Hey
Dev : Heyy Sona! Whats up?!

Sona : Im good tell me about yourself!
Dev : Same!
Sona : Dev! Lets meet today?
Dev : Sure! Same day same place?
Sona : No lets try Hard Rock café todayyy
Dev : Okayy! See you there at 6
Sona : Yes!

This way Sona asks Dev for a meetup but is it in a friendly way or love?

Precap : Sona and Dev meet at the coffee shop. Stay tuned for the next episode mostly…. there is going to be something very exciting!

Hey guys! We are really very sorry for such late uploads! But these past weeks have been really hectic and so we couldn’t write! Sorry for this episode being short but the next will be long and will be up soon! So yeah thanks so much for reading and so comment and let us know your views in the comment section below! And we’ll see you next time! Byeee!  😉

Credit to: Naomi and Maria

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  1. Ye episode to shuru hone se pehle hi khatam ho gya..hehe..jst kidding..plzz dont mind..it was really good n amazing..

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      Hehe Thanks! 🙂

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  3. awesome naria…………

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    1. Naomi and Maria


  4. Awesome. plssss write part 9 fast.

    1. Naomi and Maria

      It will be up today!

  5. Nice episode

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