Unspoken Love. (Devakshi) part-7

Dev and Sona are in Imagica! An Amusement Park!!
Sona for the fact is very scared of rides and rollercoaster but Dev forces her to sit with him because he loves them!! They both first sit in a ride named Rajasauras! Sona is very excited but scared!

They both sit together in the ride and have a ton of fun! During the fall, Sona holds Dev’s hand and Dev feels overwhelmed and blushes!
The next ride they go to is Nitro, The biggest and scariest ride! Sona is damn scared!

Sona – No Dev! This is very scaryyy!!
Dev – Apni aakhen band karlena!
He holds her hand and takes her (Close up on the hand!)
Now is the turn for the haunted house!
Dev – Are you scared of ghosts?!
Sona – Yes veryyy!!
Dev – Then we definitely have to go to Salimgarh, the haunted house!

Sona – OMG! Noooo!
Dev – Yes Yes Yesss!! You are coming with me no excuses!!
Sona – Umm.. Okay! When you are with me I don’t think I have to fear right?
Dev – Yess honey! Don’t get scared! I am always with you!
Sona – Awww!

They both sit on the seat and get ready for the ride! Sona sits with Dev!
The ride continues and has a lot of ghosts included in it! But when the biggest ghost comes in front of them suddenly, Sona gets really really scared and she closes her eyes and hugs Dev tightly.

Kuch rang pyaar ke background music plays –
But then.. To our surprise Elena wakes Sona up!

Elena – Sonaa! Arey re Sonaaa!! Kitna soyegi! Teri assistant ka 4 baar call aa chukka haiiii!!!
Sona – (In a sleepy tone) Areyy kya hua?! Mera itna acha sapna chalu thaa!!
Elena – Uthhhh!! Tera koi toh college me lecture tha na?
Sona – Ohh shittt!!!! Miss hogayyaaa!!!! I have to get there now!!!!

Elena – Arey jaldi jaaaa!!!
This way Sona gets late to her lecture because of her amazing dream with Dev which she very much enjoyed! Does that mean Sona is in love with Dev?! Or will the feelings just end with the dream?
Jaane ke liye padhte rahiye!

Hey guys Thankyou so much for reading our story! Hope you enjoyed it! Let us know that in the comment section below! We just love reading and replying to them! They literally make our day! So make sure you comment and tell us about your views! And we are really sorry for the late post! Till then take care and we will see you next time with a new episode! Byee! 

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  1. amazing.. !! plss start their friendship first.. which shares some devakshi moments.. then go to love.. romantic moments… but anyways… it’s your ff.. im pretty sure.. which ever way you write it.. i am..we are going to love it.. lots of love <3

    1. Naomi and Maria

      Omgggg!! Thanks so muchhhh!!!!??

  2. Nice….?? but pls make it long

    1. Naomi and Maria

      Thanks! We will try next time!

  3. Superb .. but plzz make it long … 🙂

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      Thanks we will try!

  4. Wow awesome Naomi and Maria

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  5. Wow I’ve also been to imagica from school so could imagine it… U have used real names which made it more enjoyable…update soon

    1. Naomi and Maria

      Yes! Thanku!! ?

  6. Naaria…u guys r fabulous,…………..when I started I found it little confusing… But as going I enjoyed a lot………. And when our Elena cames……wht to tell…..!!!!!!!!!

    1. Naomi and Maria

      Oh! Thanks!!!??

  7. U r awesome writers yar….keep going……

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  8. Cute episode

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  9. Amazinggggggg..superbestttt

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