Unspoken Love. (Devakshi) part-6

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So here goes the episode,
Sona and Dev have coffee and Dev pays the bill. They both head to the car parking to their respective cars. The car parking is a little far away from the coffee shop and it includes walking. So Dev and Sona walk their way when…
“Aye Haye! Ekdum bomb hai yeh toh” said some men to Sona.
Dev gets angry hearing this but Sona asks him to ignore them.
“Arey gusse me toh aur bhi hot lagreli hai re”
Dev gets furious on hearing this and starts bashing those men up.

Meanwhile the background music plays
Sona – Stop it Dev leave them! (She says this while standing in a corner.)
But Dev continues…

Hitting them on the left, right, center!!! Oh goddd! Dev was really really angry!
Finally when they are in no state to fight, they apologize to Sona and they promise to never disrespect a girl. Dev lets them go.
Sona – Tumhe unhe itna maarna nahi chahiye tha!
Dev – Arey Sona tumne dekha nahi vo kaise tumse baat kar raha thaa
(Sona feels overwhelmed as she thinks that Dev fought for her. “Kya elena ki baat sach toh nahi hai?!” says Sona to herself)
This way they reach their cars and turn to leave.
Sona reaches home and Elena bumps into her and asks

Elena – So how was your date?
Sona – What?! Are you mad it was not a date!
Elena – Oh sorry sorry your meeting with Dev.
Sona – Yes it was good, really good!
Elena – And mujhe pura detail me bata!
Sona explains her everything what happened!
Elena – Ohoo hero ne heroine ko bachaya! Wah! Wah!
Sona – Shut up Elena he is not my hero and I am not his heroine! Chup Chap so jaa!
Elena – Tujhse to baat karna hi bekar hai!
Saying so she sleeps… Sona thinks about Dev.
The episode ends!!

Precap: Dev and Sona continue to be really good friends! Dev and Sona also have phone conversations! Will this friendship ever lead to love?

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  1. Lovelly episode … Try to make it more long plzzz….. post next part as soon as u can ….

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  3. Wow nice episode awesome precap

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  5. Will this come on tv ??

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  6. I’m sure dis frndship will lead to luv..waiting for it

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