Unspoken Love. (Devakshi) part-5


It’s 6 in the evening and…
Sonakshi starts her car and leaves when she gets a call from Dev:
“Aap aa rahi ho na?”
“Haa Mr. Dixit!”
“Thank God! Mujhe laga aap nahi aayi toh?!”
“Nahi nahi! Aa rahi hu aap phone rakhiye”
*In the coffee shop Dev and Sona finally meet again*
Dev – Hello Ms. Bose
Sona – Hello Mr. Dixit
Dev – You can call me Dev! After all we are friends right?!
Sona – Haha! Okayy! And you can call me Sonakshi!
Dev – By the way.. I am really sorry for my rude behavior with you yesterday…
(Sona apologizes as well and they both talk really well for the next five minutes until the waiter enters)
Waiter – Sir? Kya order lu aapka?

Dev – Umm…..Maine yaha ki coffee try nahi ki hai! I just wanted to try one today! Any favourites?

Sona – Dev, aap yaha ka cappuccino try kijiye! I love it! Waiter!! 2 cappuccinos please!

Waiter – Yess ma’am! Sir your girlfriend has a good taste!

(Both stare at each other.. Laugh and kinda Blush!)

*KRPKAB background music plays – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xC8VAA7mG8Q *
Dev – Sorry but she’s not my girlfriend.
Waiter – I am extremely sorry but couldn’t help because you two look good together.
(And the waiter leaves. Background music continues to play.) (Dev and Sona continue to talk about their interests and hobbies.)
Meanwhile at the Ishwari Residence,
(Niki secretly and silently talks to her boyfriend, Yash. )
Niki – Hiii Yashh!
Yash – Hey babe! Hope you’re doing good
Niki – Tell me about the dance class you joined! You don’t need classes babe. I am in love with you and your dance!
Yash – Aww babe! I love you too!
Niki – So byee Yashika!
Yash – Ohh! Mummy agayi?
Niki – Neha di? Aap yaha? Kuch kaam tha?
Yash – Neha didi se baat karlo mai baadme call karunga!
Niki – haa byee Yashikaa!
Neha – Kisse baat kar rahi thi haan?
Niki – Yashika, di.. Yashika!
Neha – is she a new friend? Never heard her name…
Niki – Haan shes new to the college.
Neha – hmm.. It better be Yashika.
This way the episode ends…

Precap – Dev in a fight with some goons?! Is it for Sona? Kya Sona ko Dev ka yeh rang pasand ayega? Jaane ke liye dekhte rahiye..

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Credit to: Naomi and Maria

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