Unspoken Love. (Devakshi) part-4

Recap: Sonakshi leaves the part without even accepting Dev’s offer of eating some dinner.
Ab aage….
Sona reaches home, Changes and gets ready to sleep and she explains what happened between her and Dev to Elena.
“Sonaa! Arey Sona! Sunn na re..”
“Kya hai Elena! Bol jaldi! Mujhe neend aa rahi haii”
“Vo Dev jo bhi tha aaj ke party wala…. Vo hot hai kya?”
“Hot chod! Vo itna irritating hai pata haii?!”
“Pic toh bata!”

Sona shows her the picture and Elena thinks he is hot and wants Sona to date Dev
“OMG! Itna hot hai yeh! Sona tujhe isse date karna hogaaa”
“Kuch bhi bolti hai tu! Chup karke so ja!”
This way their conversation ends but Elena is determined on making Sona date Dev!

The whole night Dev thinks that he should apologise to Sona. So the next day he sends a bouquet with a sorry letter to Sona’s house. Sona accepts the bouquet and talks to herself
“Arey vaah! Usne mere liye bouquet bheja?! Wow, ye toh bada sweet hai… Sona tu bhi kya soch rahi hai… bilkul nahi! Tere aur usme kuch bhi nahi hoga!!”
Elena sees Sona standing with the bouquet smiling and goes to her and teases her.
Sona says “shut up Elena”

Dev sends Sona a message:
Dev – Hey Ms. Bose
Sona – Aap? Kuch kaam tha?
Dev – Humare beech itne saare jhagde hue the.. I think we should sort that out and be friends? It would be amazing if you can spare some time and meet me today in Starbucks?
Sona – No I cant. Sorry I have meetings.
(Elena snatches her phone and replies to Dev being Sona)
Sona – Listenn! Ill come! Meet me in Starbucks at 6?
Dev – That would be great Ms. Bose!
Sona – See you at 6! Bye
Dev – Byee 🙂
(Later when Sona sees the message she yells at Elena saying..)
Sona – Tumi ki pagal?!! (Are you mad?!)
Elena – Arey Sona vo itne pyaar se bol raha hai! You should definitely go! Dev is a nice guy! Mere khaatir toh jaa?? Please please please Sona?
Sona – Haa baba teekh hai paka mat abhi!
Elena – Yayyyy!!!

Precap : In the coffee shop
Waiter – Sir? Kya order lu aapka?
Dev – Umm…..
Sona – Mr. Dixit aap yaha ka cappuccino try kijiye! 2 cappuccinos please!
Waiter – Sir your girlfriend has a good taste!

This way agrees to meet Dev at the coffee shop! Coffee shop is a place usually for lovers right? But are they lovers? Is Dev thinking of this as a Date? Lets see next time! Till then.. Stay tuned.

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