Unspoken Love. (Devakshi) part-3


*Tina’s phone rings*
“Sonakshi Ma’am has agreed to give a small seminar at your party.”
“That’s great!”
“She is wearing a red anarkali so make sure you go and talk to her and explain all the details!”
“Sure! Thank you!” says Tina to Shreya and the phone call ends.
Tina excitedly goes and tells Dev about this decision that Dr. Bose made. Tina then meets Sonakshi, greets her and explains her everything.
While the party is still on, Dev goes to grab a drink. Sona crosses his way and they both crash into each other. Sona is about to fall when Dev holds her in his arms. They have an eye lock.
*KRPKAB background music plays – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xC8VAA7mG8Q *
But Dev realizes that he has seen her somewhere. Where is that? Yes the accident! Dev gets angry thinking about it and leaves Sona’s waist! And she falls down!

Sona gets up angrily and then…
Sona – Aapme kuch tameez hai ki nahi?!
Dev – Aap toh…? Aap yaha kya kar rahi hai?!
Sona – Excuse me? Aap yaha kya kar rahe ho?!
*Tina enters*
Tina – Sirrr! Yahi Dr. Bose haii!
Dev – Kya?! *Surprisingly* He says I am extremely sorry Dr. Bose.
Sona- I am sorry but I can’t bear such an embarrassment.
And she turns to leave when Dev holds her hand.
(Soft music plays.)
Sonakshi turns behind and Dev leaves her hand and says Sorry. Ignoring his sorry she turns to leave when Tina says, “Ma’am please wait! Aap itne door tak aayi hai toh at least 15 minutes toh kuch bolke jayiye! Please Ma’am?”
Sona says, “Okay! Just because you are saying!” And she gives a death look to Dev.
Sona finishes her lecture and is almost leaving when Dev offers her to have some dinner. But she refuses and leaves. Dev thinks that he will have to say sorry to her, as he did very bad with her…
The party ends as well as the episode…
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Hey guys! We have already posted the Episode 1, 2 and 3 of our take on Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi. So we decided to post a promo this time. So here it goes:
Promo: Dev and Sonakshi meet at a coffee shop?! Is it a date? Will Sona and Dev realize their love so early? Will they start dating now?
To know what happens next, Stay tuned.

Credit to: Naomi and Maria

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