Unspoken Love. (Devakshi) part-12


Ishwari says to all, “Mai sabke liye chai bana rahi hu”
Niki – Haan maa! I love your tea!
Mami – Haan jiji.. Mere liye sugar free!
Ishwari – Teekh hai Bhabhi! Jaroor! Neha tum nahi piyogi?
Neha – Nahi maa mann nahi hai!
Ishwari – Arey 2 din ke liye hi toh maike aayi ho! Ranveer kuch nahi bolega!
(In our FF, Neha is already married to Ranveer and she happily lives there)
Neha – Teekh hai maa! Bana do! 😛

Ishwari serves tea to all but she is tensed thinking about Dev. She is tensed about him being able to find Sona.
Meanwhile, Dev gets his ticket, passes security and is ready for the flight. He is tired but excited as he has a long journey of 15 hours and 30 minutes to meet the Love of his life.
Elena calls Sona to tell about Dev.
Sona – Hello Elena!
Elena – Hello Sona, how are you?
Sona – Yes I am good! How are you?
Elena – I am also good! Actually I want to tell you something.
Sona – What?!
Elena tells everything to Sona .
Sona – Whatttt! Why! Tume use bolne ki kya zaroorat thi! And im sure he doesn’t love me!! Ughhh Elenaa!!! Tumi ekta boka!
Elena – Arey arey Sona!! I saw his love for you in his eyes!! And go meet him okay!!
Sona – No! I wont let him find me!
(And this way, angrily she keeps the phone)

Precap – Dev reaches Manhattan!

We had promised that we will write a long episode and we actually did. We spent so much time writing a long episode because you guys wanted it. If we can do our job right then why don’t you people! If we keep getting such really poor amount of comments then we will not write long episodes at all. We will only post short ones like this.

Credit to: Naomi and Maria

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  1. Okay for the first time iam saying this that you guyz are writer ..pls respect those who atleast comment on your ff ..and wait for the next chappy ..I also write here ff .and trust me I got less comments in my ff here than any other ffs I write ..but still I write here for my readers … 🙂 🙂 but still your update is nice and so your story 🙂 🙂

    1. U r absolutely right Sammy

  2. Hey ye to dhamki h..n as rightly said by sammy, u shud write long episodes for us atleast which wud take us atleast 5-10 mins to read..i dont mean to hurt u but v feel bad

  3. Nice episode… Read 2 episodes in one go… Finally dev realized.. But now hope that he finds sons soon

  4. Plz don’t stop ur work is great

  5. It was nice n short update…but liked it to ready…??

  6. Maria and naomi very nice episode please write long episodes I love it and I only read this FF and 2 others all related to krpkab so keep on writing buddies and episode and storyline is great

  7. Superb….??

  8. sammy is saying correct
    you must write long episodes
    i didn’t mean to hurt u but still i will say that story is good but plzzzz write long episodes.

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