Unspoken Love. (Devakshi) part-11

Dev calls Sona late at night, Around 12. Ishwari tells him to talk to Sona and sort everything out. So Dev calls her:
Sona – Ab kya bolna baaki reh gaya.
Dev – Sona… listen to me.. I know you must have felt bad but I want to sort this out.
Sona – haa okay
Dev – But.. Can we just be friends? Please?
Sona – Hmm okay
Dev – Thanks!
Sona – Hmm
Dev – So whats up?
Sona – I was sleeping
Dev – Sorry to disturb.
Sona – Its okay
Dev – Lets meet tomorrow then
Sona – Ha okay
Dev – Café 12? At 11?
Sona – Okay then
Dev – See you tomorrow! Byee
Sona – Bye!

This way their phone call ends and both of them turn to sleep.
The next day both get ready and leave for the coffee shop.
They meet, sit and start their conversation.
Dev – Hiii
Sona – Hi (In a sad tone)
Dev – Ap ab tak naraz ho kya?
Sona – I cant get over it so easily!
Dev – Mujhe to nahi lagta vo baat pe itna naraz hona chahiye!
Sona – Apke liye vo choti baat hogi par mere liye nahi!
Dev – Why are you getting so angry? Its not a big deal!
Sona – Jab apke sath aisa hoga tab ap samjhenge! You will get crazy searching for her!
Dev – Aisa mere sath kabhi nahi hoga! Aur agar hua to bhi mai aise over react nahi karunga!
Sona – To apko lagta hai ki mai over react kar rahi hu!
Dev – Haa aur kya? Ise hi over react karna kehte hai!
Sona – Rehne dijiye ap nahi samjhenge!!
Dev – Aap ladkiyon ko na aur kuch nahi karne aata!
Sona – Oh please!!
Dev – I can never understand you girls!!
Sona – Oh godd!!!!
Dev – That’s why I don’t like having a friendship with girls
Sona – Oh please!!! Keep quiet!!
Dev – Anyways mai yaha dosti karne aya tha! I don’t think I will want to do it anymore!
Sona – You know what?!I feel the same now! I never thought you will stoop so low
Dev – K.
Sona – K then Bye.
Dev – Bye.

This way they both ended up fighting instead of sorting their problem out.They leave and go to their respective houses.
Sona goes home and….
Sona starts crying in front of Elena
Elena –Sona!! What happened now! I thought it got sorted!
Sona – Nahi elena! It got worse!!
Elena – Whattt!! What happenedd!!!!
Sona – Puch mat Elena (And cries again)
Sona explains everything that happened in the coffee shop to Elena.
Elena – Sona ab kya?
Sona – I think I should accept that job offer
Elena – Konsa?
Sona – Arey vo Manhattan me ek hospital me Nutritionist ka job offer mila tha na?!!
Elena – Ohhh! I think it will be good for you but don’t leave us na
Sona – I have to Elena! Understand na
Elena – Hmm.. Vaise bhi tere mom dad bohot khush the na vo job offer se?
Sona – Hmmm… I knoww
Elena – Yes! So ill check the flights!
Sona – Yes okay
(Two days later)
Sona packs her bag, Says goodbye to everyone and leaves for Manhattan, Newyork.
Sona reaches and starts working in that hospital. Everyone is happy with her. She stays at a friend’s house.
Now its Dev’s turn!

These many days when sona was gone, He was always sad and not that glad.
Ishwari – Dev.. Sona se ache se baat chalu hena? Kyunki uss din se tum udas hi ho.
Dev – Haa vo maa…
He tells her everything and Ishwari kinda thinks Dev has feelings for her but she doesn’t tell him that.
Dev thinks about Sona and says to himself, “Kya kar raha hai Dev. Tu nahi pasand karta use. Youre sad because of something else maybe.
But in his heart, Dev starts to realise his feelings for Sona.
(There is a flashback of all their moments spent together in his mind and the background music plays)
Then is when he realises that he actually loves Sona. (Finally we told this. Are you guys happy and excited?)
He tries calling Sona but sadly it doesn’t ring because Sona had changed her sim card.
Dev then goes to her house but to his surprise Sona is no where to be seen. He meets Elena and they talk…
Elena – Dev?
Dev – Elena, Sona kaha haiii?!!!!!
Elena – Dev tume nahi pata tha?
Dev – Kya? Kya hua Sona ko??!!!!!
Elena – She got really sad and really very broken hearted after your fight at the coffee shop.
Dev – Ohhhh Goddddd!!!! Yeh maine kya kiya!!!
Elena – Kyu tume achanak kya hua? You said you didn’t lile her na! ab uski yaad kyu aa rahi hai?!!
Dev – Vo elena… vo actually na
Elena – Arey bolo
Dev – I love Sona.
Elena – Whattt! Are you serious? Reallyyy?!!!
Dev – Yes I love her a lot! After the fight I was very upset and thinking about her so much! I miss her very much Elena! You wont understand!! I reallyyyy love herrr!!! Trust me!
Elena – Omgg Dev! But you lost her.
Dev – Whyyyyy!!Where is she! I want to meet her.
Elena – You cant
Dev – Why Elena
Elena – Shes not here!
Dev – Where is she!!!Elena tell me please!!!
Elena – Shes in Manhattan.
Dev – Whatttttttt
Elena – Yes! She accepted a job offer. She never accepted it because she didn’t want to go away from you. But because of you! Only because of you! Shes gone now!
Dev feels guilty!!!
Dev hurries and goes home. And he talks to Ishwari about it.
Ishwari – Bete! Toh tu yaha kya kar raha hai?! Jaa bag pack kar aur jaa usse dhund and leke aa yaha!!!
Dev – Sachme maa? Mujhe bhi yahi lagta hai!
Ishwari- Tu yaha khada khada kya kar raha hai! Jaa!!!
Dev goes and packs his bags and leaves for Manhattan!
Stay tuned for the next episode to know more!!!

Hey guys! So how was this episode!!! It was very exciting for us to write!! I hope you guys like it too! Last time we got reallyy less comments! We expect more from you guys! It’s a tough job for us to write as well! So make sure you ALWAYS comment and tell us your views! Until next time..Byeee!

Credit to: Naomi and Maria


  1. Shalini

    Hello Naomi and Maria I am reading your ff for the first time it was awesome. I liked it a lot. Thanks for your ff I know it’s very difficult to think and relate the story with the serial. And please can you tell me when will you update next episode.

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