Unspoken Love. (Devakshi) part-10

Recap : Sona – I love you Dev.
Dev – Sona?! Yeh tum kya bol rahi ho?!
Sona – Sachme Dev!
Dev – Whattttt. I didn’t expect this from you. Anyways, I am sorry. But I can’t help. I don’t love you.
(Dev leaves.)
Sona – Umm… (Sona remains speechless but the words “I don’t love you” echoes in her mind. It keeps ringing and Sona starts crying.)
(Sona goes to her house.)

Elena – Aye! Kaisa tha tera date?! Sorry meet?
Sona doesn’t say anything.
Elena – Arey bolna! Tu sad kyu lag rahi hai?
Sona – (Starts crying and says…) Elena maine tujhe bataya nahi par mai Dev se pyaar karti hu. Aaj maine jab use bola he said that he doesn’t love me back!
Elena – Sona matt roo!!!!! Its okay…. Happensss… (Elena consoles her.)
(Dev calls Sona)
Sona – *no reply*
Dev – Sona.. Im sorry

Sona – *no reply*
Dev – Im really sorry Sona but I don’t love you…
Sona – Bas itna hi bolna tha na! *angrily*
(Sona cuts the phone)
Dev does feel bad for her.
Dev reaches home and Ishwari asks him, “Kya hua beta? Itna sad kyu hai?”
“Kuch nahi maa”
“Bolna bete!”
“Vo maa….” (Dev tells his mom everything.)
Ishwari responds positively towards whatever Dev says.

Precap – Dev calls Sona late at night. And the promo continues….

Hey guys! Again! A big sorry for this episode being short but the next episode will for sure be really really long. Get excited for that! And also thanks to those people who actually commented and told us the outfit! So we decided that the winner is “Outfit 6”And if you enjoyed today’s episode, Make sure to comment down below and let us know your views! Also comment and tell us if you are excited for the next SUPER long episode! And tell us if you like the idea of sending in links! We will definitely continue to do that if you guys like it! Thank you for reading and we will see you next time! Stay tuned! Byee  😉

Credit to: Naomi and Maria


  1. Ammu

    Ooo I m very excited for next episode please make the next episode more and more longer ooooooooo god nice story

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