Unspoken Love. (Devakshi) part-1


“I hope these tips help you to maintain a healthy diet.” Says the best nutritionist. Yes! You guessed it right. It’s Ms. Sonakshi Bose! Till then interrupts Sona’s personal assistant, Shreya. “Ma’am your next lecture is at 11:30 a.m. at Shree Ram college.
(Then they leave for the college.)
Dev takes his mother’s blessings as he has to crack a big deal today. Ishwari feeds him some curd for good luck and then he leaves. At the office, Dev’s assistant, Tina compliments Dev for cracking such a big deal of 25 crores. On this occasion lets have a party and we’ll also call the best nutritionist for a small lecture? Dev says, “Yess! That’s a good idea! What’s her name?” Dr. Sonakshi Bose. “Hmm. Indeed she is the best!” Sir what about tomorrow? “That will be great! 7 p.m. for sure” says Dev.
(Phone conversation between Shreya and Tina)
Shreya: Hello?
Tina: Hello! I am calling from Ishwari Telecommunications, Can you please arrange a lecture on ‘Food and nutrition’ tomorrow at 7 p.m.?
Shreya: Sorry we’re booked for tomorrow and Ma’am can’t stress so much!
Tina: Please ma’am we have arranged everything. Cant you do something?
Shreya: Sorry ma’am. (She cuts the call.)
Tina calls Shreya again. Shreya says, “I’ve told you already Ma’am is not available! Please don’t disturb again. ” And she cuts the call.
Dev hears the conversation and asks if she is not available. Tina explains him everything. He says fine then I’ll speak to her. Shreya tells Sona about the conversation with Tina. Sona is about to say something when the phone rings again. Shreya picks the call and this time it is Dev on the line. Dev says, “I want to speak to Dr. Bose.” She refuses and is about to cut the call when Sona snatches the phone and speaks to Dev. This is the first conversation between the to be lovers 😉 .
Sona: Yes?
Dev: I am throwing a party tomorrow on my success with the recent deal. I really want you to come to educate the people on food and nutrition!
(Sona thinks that Dev is a boastful person.)
Sona: See, Mr. Dixit I have an appointment somewhere else which is important as well.
Dev: I’ll pay you twice the payment as theirs.
Sona thinks that Dev’s world revolves around money and his success.
Sona : Sorry! Not possible.
Dev: Okay. Sorry for the disturbance.
*Episode ends here*
Precap: Sona is driving her car in a hurry. But does it lead to something disastrous? Sona’s accident?!
So here is the episode one! Do not forget to drop in your comments. As they really make our day! 😉

Credit to: Naomi and Maria

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