Unspoken journey of love – chapter 8


Chapter 8

In morning

As usual swara was busy in her workout while other were sleeping but sanskar was busy with his laptop.
N was ordeeing someone on phone.

After few hrs dey all met on d breakfast table.
Firstly sanskar came along with laksh disscusing something .
Dey settled on table waiting for girls just den kavita came flaunting her ownself .
N sat next to sanskar.
Den rags came having a pleasing smile which can make. Laksh day good.
She immediately sat with laksh n laksh pecked her cheeks n wished her morning.
All were waiting for swara dere ….she came with her aura….while checking out her mobile.
N not paying any heed to anyone n sat next to rags n opposite to sanskar…n passed a sly smile to rags .
N without paying attention to any one placed her order …
Eveeyone was surpised along with shocked…
As swara placed a order which she used to hate ..
She ordered black coffee along with roasted simple bread slice…

Sanskar..thought something


Sanskar … was drinking back coffee.
Shona came from back n put her hand on his eyes a smile appeared on sanky face.he with a jerk pulled towards him as. A result she landed on his lap ..
He tightened his grip on his waist n was caressing it his hand but when he saw swara face she was making yucky sought of face looking at black coffee n sanskar laughed seeing her.

Swara…sanky how can u drinl dis yuck early in morning.
Sanky ….shona look i m habtual of dis n moreover i like it saying dis he kissed her cheeks.
Shona ..made agin yuck face seeing coffee on table.

Flashback end

Sanskar thought process was broken by voice of someone getting up from seat.

Shona went back to her room .
Wen dey were giving d bill when d announcement was made dat dere chain of hotels has consecutively won best hotels of world award n moreover dere is a ball party hosted by our owner tonight so u all have to be dere sa now onwards no one can checkouf from hotel .
Dere was huge round of applause hor dem .

At lobby kavita was continuosly disturbing sanky by asking which gown will suit her ..

Sanky was getting irked. .den only ragini entered d room to talk with laksh…
But to her misfortune laksh was not dere when she was abt to move kavita came foeward ..
Kavita…hey miss unknown wat u will wear tonight a chwap lowclass dress..wohhh
Ragini ignored her words n was abt to move n laksh came in with a beautiful gown in his hand which was obviously for ragini.
Rags.was happy n instantly hugged him. Laksh pecked his forehead n assured him dat he is always with her but before ragini could touch d gown kavita snatched it.
Kavita oh my god its splendid i want dis.n i loved it .
Laksh …what its for ragss give her back.
Ragini nodded in no to laksh n moved out of room.
Outside ..
Laksh ..w t h
How can u give her dat gown u veey well know dat it took 5 hrs to reach gown here fron showroom .
N mow only almost only 1 hr is left.
Rags..just smiled at him n said its ok she liked it laksh.
Laksh frustatedly stamped his foot n went away.
Rags knew dat laksh is right on his way.
She went back to room n as she entered.
A number of gowns which were marevollous ..beautifully designed..n moreover by a great designer was dere.
Swara came in n said to rags .

Swara..select which one u like .
N walked away.

At part hall.
It was huge hall n fantastic decoeations were done .everyone eyes were shot to see such soothing decoration

In party hall sanskar entered lookin dam hot n handsome wearing blue texudo every girl was oogling at him as if dey will eat him at any instant .
Den kavita came clinging upon sanskar .n sanskar was trying best to avoid her.
Den laksh came wearing back texudi looking hot n making every girl mad .
He was waiting for ragini standing near bar along with sanky . Kav.
Kavita….wht are u waiting for laksh ..she will not come..have u seen class of party its so high n wat u ecpect from her
But before she could complete her mouth hung open seeing ragini at door .
She was wearing purple ball gown looking hot ..elegant..n beautiful along with her simplicity was like cherry on d cake

Laksh was getting jealous by seeing number of boys oogling at rag. So he hastely went towards ragini n pecked her lips showing all dat she belongs to her .where as rags mouth fell open
Laksh…u are looking beautiful …he said in a husky voice.

N went to wards sanskar.

Rags were looking at door waiting for shona but to her surprise she came n made evryone shocked as
She was wearing rugged jeans.
Tank top along with blue leather jacket ..lookinh hot but not matching d theme.
She didnt bothered about any one n directly walked towards bar .
Though she was not wearing her gown but den also all boys were staring her continously.

Making sanskar boiling in epiteem anger .
He clenches his fist in anger .
Den only ball music started n rags n laksh went to stage.
Kavita asked sanskar to come along with her to dance.
Sanskar was going yo say no but ..he just took kavita palms in his hands n kissed dem offering her to dance.
Kavita was shocked.
Sanskar was intentionally doing all dis to make swara jealous
He took kav to damce floor n slid his hands on waist n started dancing .he was trying his best to.make her jealous n he was success full also.
Swara eyes were red shot by now.
Sanskar smirked seeing dis but soon his smirk changes into anger .by seeing d scenario
A boy wearing grey texudo looking smoking hot..handsome entered hall .every girl went crazy looking at him .he was least bothered about it .he fetched a bear bootle from d tray n walked forward while sipping it .

Like he was finding some one he looked at corner n found his lost thing.
He walked forward n looked at girl n smiled he just went n sat in front of her .
Girl …looked at him n snatched d bottle in his hand n gulped it down.
Boy just smiled seeing dis.
Boy ..u know wat u r here on holidays n i am stuck dere in hell boring work .
Girl just smirked n said….u know j u deserve dis.

J….ohh really u are soon gona pay for dis shona.
Shona smiled at his madness.

Dis all was witnessed by all four raglak ..n sanky n kav.
Sanskar was boiling in anger looking at both of dem n moreover shocked looking at swara as she was drinking beer n moreover from d same bottle.his anger has no bounds now.

Precap ….j..meeting all of dem …nuts entry ……sanky anger.

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