Unspoken journey of love – chapter 7


Chapter 7

At house
Swara…hey geev just aid d injury dude.its paining like hell.

(Geev gadodia..brother of natalia gadodia ..specialised doctor by profession …close n tustworthy friend of swara …..)

Geev ..hell swara last month only u have gone serious abdomen surgery n again u got injured at same body part now just shut up n lay on couch quietly ….n let me do my work.

Swara made a sulky face.
N laid quietly.

After few minutes.

Geev …done n now its my last warning if u didnot take medicines on time n had carefree attitude regarding ur health or otherwise i will tell each every detail of your injuries to hitler.

Listening to hitler word swara eyes popped out of socket n geev let out a light laugh .

Swara ..how dare u geev to warn me ..dont ever try or otherwise i will send ur confession cd to ur dear sis nuts ..?
Geev??? dats not fair..ok listen to me take rest for atleat 2 days properly n wait here let me catch something to eat .

He went to kitchen

After 5 minutes.
He come out with dinner but to his surprise swara was not dere.
He found not on table…
Hey dont raise ur blood pressure n i really had yo go meet u soon bye geev.

Geev..dis girl will never listen 2 anyone ..snobbish one.

At hotel ..
Finally dey four reached d hotel n went to reception.

Receptionalist..yes sir how may i help u.
Sanskar..actually we qant 4 rooms for 1 night.
Receptionalist …so sorry sir but we have only one room vacant .here.
Sanskar ..what but..
Laksh ..its okay bhai ..its only matter for 1 night..
Ragini..but where is swara..
Kavita..oh pls talk something usefull ..how can i share room with u ragini
Laksh ..if its dat problem then u can find some other place kavita.
Kavita got angry n looked towards sanskar but sanskar was looking at d entrance n wverybody attention pulled towards d door where swara entered with her own aura..
She just passed a sly smile to rags .
N just directly went to receptiomalist asking for room .
Receptionalist …so sorry mam actually only one room was vacant n dese guys booked it.

Swara..no problem.
Just den swara dialled a number n went to a distance.
After a minute .
Receptionalist ..excume me mam here urs penthouse keys.
Swara..lets go rags ..come.
Everyone was dbfolded as just within few seconds she got a penthouse .
Rags looked at laksh who was himself perplexed as being a royal dey were given last vacant room but wat was dis.

Rags came towards laksh n kissed him on his cheeks n wished him n sanskar good night .
Sanskar was looking at her retrating figure .

At midnight 2 am
Sanskar was not getting sleep so he just went to terrace to get some freah air .
As he reached terrace he felt unknown pleasure.
Then he saw a lean figure sitting on boundary of terrace .
N he knows who she was .
He was just going back den only he saw a shooting star.n den immediately saw swara with a hope but to his.mere disappointment she was sitting still.
Sanskar went back in past.

At building terrace we can see. 2 people sitting in a way dat boy was holding girl by her waist protectively.
Dsn only a shooting star was seen in sky .
Den d girl immediately closed her eyes .
Boy …shona due u believe in all these stuff.
Shona..yeah i do u know it really works.sanky
Den wat due u asked.
Shona….dat till my last breath i m with u
Sanskar was amazed with her answer n engulfed her in bone crushing hug n pecked her head.

Flahback ends.
Sanskar thougt process was broken by a thunder sound .n he had a sad smile which turned into anguish n only one word WHY.

Precap…..finally j entry.m lots of jealousy

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