Unspoken journey of love – chapter 6


Chapter 6

Inside villa.
Durgaprasad…so are sure laksh that u love ragini n its not mere at attraction.
Shekhar …wht type of useless question is this we all know girls like her uses cheap yricks to lure rich guys.

Laksh ..what d hell….how can u accuse her mr.roy…when ur ownself.

Dp….lakshhh i am still talking…so if its atrue love we have no objection

Ragini face beamed with utter happiness.
N she instanly hugged swara standing beside her not so interestrd in this conversation n was continuosly typing msg on her phn.

Which irked sanskar d most as he was continuosly staring her from d corner of his eye
But she was busy in her own world dat dere is know one except her n rags here.
To grab her attention he deliberately holded kavita waist tightly ..

Omg …he just hugged me i was sure one day he will fall for my hottness thought kavita in her dreams.

Kavita taking it a chance moved closer to sanskar .
Which was actually disliked by sanskar but it was need of dat movement.

But his anger boiled at its peak when he saw swara unaffected by it.
But in actuall anger was boiling in swara as well as a result she was harshly typing keypads.

But to everyone dismay it looked like she is present here physically only.

Swara trance was broken by dp ‘s condition to agree for this relation dat ..
Sanskar and laksh marriage will take place at same time ..dat is within 30 days.
To swara it feeled like some one stabbed her heart bruattly but still she was devoid of any facial emotion.
Meanwhile it was a thunderstorm for sanskar as it was d only topic dat he was delaying from past 1 yr.but god knows what suddenly happened to him that he replied …a
Oh shoot …he thought after giving reply to all n within no second laksh hugged him.for saving his life but he also know dat he said all this in order to make swara condition pathetic..

Listening to dis ragini happy face turned int dismay one as she know they both are integral part of each other lifes.
She glanced towards shona who seems to be unaffected .
Her trance was broken by dp authorative voice dat as you all youngster prior to your marriage have to live under same roof so dat u can adjust n after marriage no excuses will be there.
N you Swara Will also join them.
Swara with utter disbelieve was gonna say no as .
Swara ..excuse me uncle i have flight to board back to la in an hour so i am not joining u.
Ragini….hey shona please for my sake…
She squeeced her hand in assurance.
Where as sanskar heart sank down ..but he also.dont know why its bothering him if she is leaving.

So after very much insistence of ragini she said yes.

After 2 hrs on dere journey to farmhouse which is far away .they were sitting calmly in car.
In such a way sanskar was driving n kav was sitting next to him n laksh was embracing ragini who was sitting next to him
N swara was sitting diagonally opp to sanskar at window side.
Dere was deep silrnce in car except all time radia ie kavita …was speaking useless things without amy pause qhich was irritaying all but mostly swara..kavita was really testing her patience finally it broke.

Swara..pld miss roy will u give rest to your vocal cords for a bit n let our ears live in peace…
She said all dis with venom filled voice.
All were stupified on her such tone as she always speak softly to all.
Sanskar..who smirked at her saying took it as chance to break her…
Sanskar …kav babe why u stopped ur voice is just like honey to my ears so pls continue …he said all dis in a husky voice which irked swara .

Laksh…bhai look out..
We can see a girl was running and number of goons were running behind her clashed with dere car.
Sanskar applied sudden breaks n got out of car with other to help her. Except swara
Girl …came to them n said plz help me day are all behind me n are trying to molest me.
Kavita…who dey are ..
dey are goons of don brother.
Kavita ….wt d heck.. r u out of ur mind we love our lives .chalo baby lets go to car back.
Ragini ..she need our help.
Then only goons appraoched dem.
Goon…habdover d girl to us fool or else result wont be good.
Kavita …yayy take her ..
Sanskar..touch her n we will break ur bones.
Laksh..we will not let u touch her.
It hurted goons ego.
He walked towards dem .punched laksh face.
Laksh in return kicked his stomach n d fight started dey were total 5 goons n our heros were two ..
But still dey were dominating but suddenly one of d goon kept knife on neck of rags n kav which made laksh n sanskar to stop dere fight.. den only swara cams out of car n watched d whole scenario simply n sat on car bonet watching them which made all of dem gasped.
Sanskar n laksh were tied witb ropes n d goons were appraoching girl who was standing beside. Swara.

Girl..pls help me dey will kill me.
But it seems swara was still unaffected .
When one of d goon came n stood in before of swara n said ..if i would have seen u earlier today so u would be at her place ..
Gaoon to others goon what i m saying lets take all girls as dey all r epitome of beauty.
Kavita n ragini were dragged by goons.
Laksh n sankar were shouting n were trying to get out of ropes.
Then goon was gonna touch dat girl but before he could touch her he was lying on floor n blood was oozing from his head
Everyone witnessed how bruatlly n fiercely swara kicked him
Watching this all 2 goons were approaching her n here sanskar ..
Ragini …
N laksh was shouting to leave her but to dere bewiderment d other 2 goons were also lying on floor with kicks n boxes of swara …
Other goon warned her dat he will harm kavita but she was unaffected stilk was bruattly beating dem.
But suddenly she heard a shout which made her to stop dat was of ragini as she was kicked buy goon.
Goon..stop or else i will kill her.
..hey stop dont harm her.okay look.i stopped…
Goon gave devilish smirk n other goons approache to wards her.
Her sanskar was witnessing all this helplessly he fidegting out to get rid of dere grips.
Goons approached towards swara n one of dem slapped her recklessly dat blood oozed from her lips but it looks like she is not even hurt.
She was just staring towards d goon who was holding her rags ..
N here goons started to hit her bruatlly with slaps but she neither moved from her place n nor peaded dem to leave her she was not even showing any emotions ..n was just staring at a single pt.
But suddenly one goon pinched her in her stomach which made hee to let out a shout .
She punched d goon back but still holding her stomach n blood started oozing out from her abdomen unoticed by all suddenly one goon pulled of her jacket which she was wearing now ..whe was in her sleveless body fitted swaet shirt which made her look hot..
Goon..she is more hot dan anyother girl i have seen so let us take her..
But still goons were holding swara ..with atight grip.
N she was holding her stomach .
Sanskar eyes were blurred with tears n his heart was paining to see her like dis.
N ragini was now unconscious as she can bear anymore stress.
Seeing dis she came out from grip of goons n ran towards ragini but before she could reach one. Of goon pulled swara by hairs bruattly n dragged her n pinned her towards d tree trunk .
She kicked his main pnt n was again punching him but she stooped looking towards ragini whose neck was occupied by knife whic was holded by a .goonso she stooped again n goon pinned her back n was moving tpwards her luslty but before he could act upon his intention he was unconsciously lying at ground as sanskar punvhed him all present over dere flinched over anger shot eyes of sanskar .
Withinother few minutes d mess was cleared .n ragini was conscious.but swara ‘s abdomen was still bleeding unnoticed by all as she was wearing black n red mix shirt..wen dey were approaching towards d car swara slapped dat girl harshly..
Every one was again amused as swara was d one who risked her life to save girl’s life.
Kavita….how dare u how can u slap d victim..
Laksh..shut up kavita ..u were d only one who didnt wanted to help her..n now accusing swara who risked her life .

…but i didnt do anything.
Kavita….swara u were only one who was enjoying sitting on car bonet..
Swara…without payi.g. heed to crap said by kavita..said….listen miss no one will help u till d time u even cant help urself. In every situation saviours are not present ..so first learn to fight .saying dis swara patted girls cheek n made her sit inside d car.

Everyone were shocked n some were proud on her.
But still everyone was thinking how she got these pro fighting skills.

Precap …swara ..injury…….raglak scene…..swasn jealousy…

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